JJ Da Boss’s Wife, Tricia Day: Bio, Wiki, Height, Age, Husband


JJ Da Boss whose real name is Jonathan Day. He is the leader of the Memphis racing family. He has been around street racing since he was a toddler when his mother would carry him on her hip to watch his dad and uncle street race.

JJ Da Boss Wife: Tricia Day

JJ is married with his wife named, Tricia Day, are a match made in engine-revving heaven. The happy couple actually met and grew up in the same small town just outside of Memphis, Tenn. Unbelievably, according to a 2018 interview, JJ and Tricia started dating sometime in 2008.

However, their relationship didn’t bloom until decades later when JJ was already 30 years old and a father of seven children!


The couple appears to be deeply in love, with JJ saying, “I love Trish. I feel like she saved me and my life. She brought a lot of happiness to my life. She got me on the right path.”

Tricia replied simply with, “We go together like a hand and a glove.”

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JJ Da Boss Net Worth Explored In 2022

Tricia is a private person who doesn’t share a lot about her personal life. However, not much is known about her financial status. TV Over Mind reports that Tricia has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. This is about the same as JJ’s reported net worth of $1 million. It’s obvious that when you’re both successful reality television racing superstars, your finances will be considerably better.

Unfortunately for those who want to see what Tricia does every day, the Street Outlaws star does not have any public social media pages. So people have to wait for JJ to post pictures of her or for her to post things on his page.

If you’re a fan of JJ and Tricia, then you can catch up on all of their past, present, and future racing antics by streaming Street Outlaws on Discovery Plus.

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