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Who is Joo Won Older brother Moon Joon Suk?

A small business owner and older brother of Joo Won, Moon Joon Suk, is known for his husky frame, which is quite different from Joo Won’s. South Korean actor Joo Won is known for his roles in King of Baking, Kim Takgu, and other films. The 26th of August 2012 was the first time Joo Won revealed his brother to the public. Joo Won upcoming movie include Carter that is going to release on 5th August 2022.

How old is Moon Joon Suk?

Joo Won aka Moon Jun-won was born on September 30, 1987 and 35 years old. He is a very good actor and has worked in many different genres. You can see him in dramas, film, and commercials as well. His character is usually sweet and gentle but his real personality is quite different from his roles. As Moon Joon Suk is his older brother he appears to be around 40 years old. He is friendly in nature and is not the type of person to be rude or harsh.

His brother Joo Won has been a celebrity for 16 years and as he is more famous than him, he is not that well-known. His face has not been in the limelight yet, so people are still unaware of him. Because his older brother exercises every morning, Joo Won called him his protector. He is a very handsome man and so charming.

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In order to attend KBS 2TV’s ‘1 Night 2 Days’, Moon Jun Seok drove to Chulwon right away. Showing off his love for his brother, he said, “I always watch his acting. I watch ‘Gaksital’ and ‘1 Night 2 Days’ too. I never fought with him.” According to Moon Jun Seok, “I look like my father, and my brother looks like my mother.”

Moon Joon Suk Married or Not?

He was born in Seoul, South Korea. Moon Joon Suk studied at Kaywon High School of Arts and completed his study at Konkuk University. He appears to be married and enjoying his life. He is also quite invested in business and always cheers for his brother. His father and mother name is not in public thus not known. The height of Joon Suk is 6′ 2″ (1.87 m) and his weight is around 72 kg.

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Joo Won Upcoming Movie Carter

Carter is an upcoming thriller movie that is going to release on 5th August 2022 on Netflix. The movie cast includes Joo Won, Lee Sung Jae, Kim Bo Min. The movie revolves around Agent Carter when he wakes up one day in a motel room without any recollection of his identity and follows orders to join an explosive mission.

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