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Judith Ann Hawkins Wiki, Husband, Divorce: Mother Of Actress Halle Berry

Judith Ann Hawkins is the mother of Halle Berry, an American actress who began her career as a model and entered several beauty contests. Judith’s daughter established herself as one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood and also got lot of varying critical and commercial reception followed in subsequent years. Judith has two daughters one is Halle Berry and another is Heidi Berry from her husband, Jerome Jesse Berry, an African-American man.

Who Is Judith Ann Hawkins?

Judith Ann Hawkins grew up in Christin family with her siblings and parents. She is an English immigrant from Liverpool.

After moving to Liverpool as a young child, Judith Ann Hawkins quickly accepted her new home and immersed herself in the rich culture of England. Growing up in a Christin family, faith played an integral role in shaping Judith’s values and outlook on life.

Raised alongside her two siblings, she enjoyed a close-knit family environment filled with love and support. Her parents names are, Nellie Dicken and Earl Ellsworth Hawkins.


Her daughter’s name, Halle Berry was legally changed to Halle Maria Berry at the age of five. Judith and her husband selected her middle name from Halle’s Department Store, which was then a local landmark in Cleveland.

Halle Berry wished her mother on Instagram and wrote,

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the loving, selfless and badass mothers of the world! 💋”

She wished her mom “Mother’s day” on 08 May 2022 as well and wrote,

“On Mother’s Day, not only do I reflect on what it truly means to be a mother — and the importance of a mother’s love — I also reflect on what it means to receive love from a mother and sometimes that love comes from “another mother.” Yvonne Sims has been my “Other Mother” since she was my 5th grade teacher. Without her guidance, wisdom, patience and most importantly, her UNCONDITIONAL love for me in all the stages of my life, I’m not so sure I’d still be here. I love you, Yvonne Sims with all my heart! Today, as we celebrate mothers, let’s also celebrate our “OTHER MOTHERS!” Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️”

Judith Ann HawkinsBiography
BornMay 14, 1939
Age84 years (in 2023)
Real NameJudith Ann Hawkins
Famous AsMother of actress Halle Berry
ProfessionPsychiatric Nurse
Personal Life
BirthplaceCleveland, Ohio, U.S.
Relationships & More
HusbandJerome Jesse Berry
DaughtersHalle Berry and Heidi Berry
GrandparentsBessie Clare Spaulding, Henry Dicken,
Alice B. White, Eugene A. Hawkins

Judith Ann Hawkins Profession

Judith Ann Hawkins worked as a psychiatric nurse, and her husband, Jerome Jesse Berry worked in the same hospital as an attendant in the psychiatric ward; he later became a bus driver. They divorced when Berry was four years old, and her daughters Halle Berry and Heidi Berry-Henderson were raised exclusively by her as a single mother.


Both of her daughters have been alienated from her father since childhood. In 1992, Halle Berry noting that she did not even know if he was still alive.

Judith Ann Hawkins’ Husband Was Cruel

Judith Ann Hawkins’ husband was very rude and cruel to her, and her daughter Berry has recalled witnessing her mother being beaten daily, kicked down stairs, and hit in the head with a wine bottle.

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