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Kaden Roque Wiki, Biography, Age, Career, Family Life, Facts

Kaden Roque is an American famous for being featured on the popular JesssFam YouTube channel, which is operated primarily by his mother Jessica Skube, he appears in numerous videos alongside his twin brother Kyson. He has been featured in multiple videos documenting important milestones in his life, like his first birthday.

Kaden Roque Wiki, Bio

Kaden Roque first appeared on YouTube just days after his birth in a video titled “Kyson and Kaden Are Here.”

Kaden Roque Career

The family’s YouTube channel has over 1.2 million followers. In a 2012 clip, he appears as an infant, when he and his twin brothers make eye contact for the first time since their birth.

The “Twin Boys Finally Notice Each Other!” video has been viewed over 8 million times.

Kaden Roque Family Life

He has a younger brother named Landen, as well as an older sister named Lilia.

Kaden Roque Facts

His mother married Chris Skube in 2015.

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