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Kayla Malecc Net Worth, Birthday, Height, Biography

Kayla Malecc is an American TikToker and social media personality. Her ‘kaylamalecc’ TikTok account made her famous for lip-sync and dance. Her following exceeds 13 million. Her self-titled YouTube channel features vlogs and personal experiences.

Kayla Malecc Biography

Kayla Malecc’s rise to fame on TikTok has been nothing short of impressive. With her lip-sync performances and flawless dance moves, she has amassed a staggering following.

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Her talents extend beyond the realm of short-form videos, as she also shares glimpses into her life through her self-titled YouTube channel. On this platform, Kayla takes her viewers along on her adventures, sharing vlogs and personal experiences that have further endeared her to her ever-growing fanbase.

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Kayla Malecc Family

Kayla Malecc was born in the state of Illinois. She has a sister. Between the months of March 2020 and March 2020, she began dating her lover, who is known online as Honeyboat. They ended their relationship in June of 2023, she revealed.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Kayla Malecc?

Kayla Malecc’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. Her YouTube channel is main source of income. Her real name is Kayla Malec. In 2019, she began to post content regularly. Since then, her channel has amassed over a million subscribers and continues to grow rapidly.

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Through her engaging and relatable videos, Kayla has not only gained a loyal fan base but has also attracted numerous brand collaborations, further boosting her net worth. She has worked tirelessly to become a famous YouTuber and her future in the media and entertainment industry is sure to be bright.

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