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Meet Keiko Fujimoto, Ramesh Balwani’s Ex Wife

Keiko Fujimoto is the former spouse of Ramesh Balwani, a well-known American entrepreneur. The divorce may still be shocking to some fans today. Her ex-husband Ramesh Balwani has been the focus of the media attention after getting into legal difficulties and being involved in several scandals.

He also lost his business partner and ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Holmes. Fans want to know how wealthy Keiko Fujimoto is now that she has divorced her ex-husband, Ramesh Balwani, a well-known entrepreneur. Meet Keiko Fujimoto, Ramesh Balwani Ex Wife.

Keiko Fujimoto Net Worth

In 2022, Fujimoto’s net worth is expected to be approximately $6 million. She is a wealthy lady who is not the sole source of her money. Fujimoto works as a Technical Publications Manager at Applied Materials Inc. She has extensive knowledge and experience in her sector, having worked for many years with Applied Materials.

The top Technical Publications Manager made more than $138,093 in 2012. However, given her expertise and longevity with the firm, Keiko should make close to $150,000 per year. Since 1998, Mr. Kim has been employed with Applied Materials and has worked there continuously.

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Keiko Fujimoto is A Ex-Wife Of Ramesh Balwani

Keiko Fujimoto recently divorced her spouse, and she received a large sum of money from him after signing up for divorce. Keiko was already considerably better off before she filed for the divorce, however, and has been an independent woman for a long time. Keiko is a former Japanese and American artist who previously worked as an artist. Keiko Fujimoto does not have a Wikipedia page yet. The former spouse of a business magnate, on the other hand, has been covered and featured by several news organizations and publications.

Fujimoto graduated from Tsuda University Kodaira Campus in Japan with a degree in international and cultural studies. She, however, decided to relocate to the United States and start working there.

Keiko Fujimoto Age And Nationality Explored

Keiko Fujimoto’s exact age has not been revealed to the public. According to her photographs, she appears to be in her forties to seventies. She moved from Japan after getting married, but she has recently returned home and has been living there for a long time now. Fujimoto is of Japanese and Asian descent. She has dual nationality in both Japan and the United States, however.

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