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Kitty Mcintyre [Michael McIntyre’s Wife] Marriage Life, Age, Wiki, Children and Trivia

Kitty McIntyre is the wife of Michael McIntyre comes from a family of famous actors. Whatever her connections to the entertainment industry, she prefers to lead a private life and works as an aromatherapist in London.

Her family ties may be well-known4 but Kitty likes to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. Couple’s fan love McIntyre’s relatable and humorous tales about marriage and parenting often finding his stories about his wife Kitty particularly extremely likable.

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McIntyre’s ability to find humor in everyday situations and his charming stage presence have made him a favorite among comedy fans worldwide. With his energy and quick wit, it’s no wonder that Michael McIntyre continues to sell out arenas and entertain audiences with his unique blend of observational comedy.

How old is Kitty Mcintyre?

Kitty Mcintyre age is 45 years old, as of 2024.

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Kitty Mcintyre and Michael McIntyre relationship explored

Over the years, Kitty Mcintyre has given her husband a lot of material for comedy sketches. His most well-known creation is a hilarious one in which Kitty is seen attempting to put on tights.

Michael and Kitty share a home in London’s Hampstead. He often incorporates their everyday antics into his stand-up routines, much to the delight of his audience. Their relationship is built on a strong foundation of support and understanding making them the perfect comedic duo both on and off the stage.

When did Kitty and Michael get married?

Michael and Kitty got married in 2003, but Michael actually first met his wife years before that. In his book Life and Laughing, he shared that Kitty was the girl he had always been searching for.

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It seemed like a perfect ending to the romantic comedy of my life, but then the comedian swooped in and won over Kitty. Even with his family’s initial disbelief, Michael formed a close bond with Kitty’s parents, Alexandra and Simon Ward who was an actor known for his role in Young Winston.

Kitty Mcintyre children

Kitty Mcintyre has two children named, Lucas and Oscar with Michael McIntyre. Lucas is the older of the two boys and is an aspiring musician, while Oscar is a natural athlete with a talent for soccer.

The brothers are incredibly close and share a special bond. Kitty and Michael are proud parents who support their children in all of their work cheering them on every step of the way.

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