How Much Is The Net Worth Of Kodak Black?


Kodak Black (Kapri or Kapri, popularly known as Kodak Black) is an American artist who makes music in the genres of gangsta rap, hip hop, and mumble rap. His songs are classified as gangsta rap, hip hop, and mumble rap. He rose to prominence after releasing his debut single “No Flockin” in 2014. He has a son named King Khalid Octave.

He released his debut album Painting Pictures in the year 2017, which reached number three on the US Billboard 200. The second album “Dying to Live,” which came out in 2018, was at position three on the US Billboard 200 Charts. He has been incarcerated for nearly seven months as a result of legal difficulties. How Much Is The Net Worth Of Kodak Black?

Kodak Black Net Worth Revealed In 2022

The estimated net worth of Kodak Black is about $3 million US dollars in the year 2019. In 2018, his earnings were around $80 thousand.

His salary was just a little above $40 thousand which he bagged from his album sales and performances in the same year.

He owns a house worth more than a million US Dollars in one of the most advantaged areas in America where there are many affluent people who live there also.

Kodak Black Wiki, Biography

Kodak Black was born on June 11, 1997, and will be 24 years old in 2022. He is a Christian who was born and reared in a well-established family from Pompano, Florida, in the United States.

He is an American by nationality who adheres to Christianity. He was born in the United States and attended Blanche Ely High School there before moving to The Bahamas.

He then enrolled at a Local College where he received his degree. He was more interested in singing and other co-curricular activities as a youngster than he was in studying.

Kodak Black Career, Profession

Kodak Black is an American recording artist who raps for mumble rap, hip hop and gangsta rap. When he first started out on his musical journey, he took to mumble rap as opposed to the other genres that he takes on now. He has recorded several singles on both mumble rap and rap categories.

Some of his mumble rap songs include “No Flockin,” “Skrt Skrt” among others while he has made quite a number of gangsta rap songs like “We Out Chea”, O Let’s Do It”, Up Like Trump”, among many others. His lyrics are characterized by straightforward braggadocio which is clearly audible in this songs.

Kodak Black Girlfriend

Girlfriends – Since he is still young, it will be wrong to assume that Kodak has been dating someone. He has not revealed any details about someone whom he is dating or his future wife.

Marriage – Kodak Black was once married to a girl named Jessica Smith. But their marriage did not last long as the couple separated very soon after they got married. They had no children together before their separation, but now Kodak has a child of his own who bears the name King Khalid Octave.

King Khalid is still young, but it seems that Kodak will be able to manage both his child and career at the same time without any difficulties because his son lives with him in America while he travels around with him on tours around the world.

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Kodak Black Height and Weight

Kodak Black is 6 feet 2 inches in height. His body measurement has also not been revealed to the public yet, but it is obviously great just like most celebrities have.

Kodak Black Facts

  • Why was Kodak black arrested? On August 11, 2016, Kodak Black was arrested for violating his house arrest by traveling without permission from his probation officer.
  • He also reported to police officers that he had a small packet of marijuana when they searched him at the school’s campus in Florida where he had earlier visited with his son on August 18, 2016.
  • What are the charges against Kodak Black? Initially, three counts of illegal possession of a weapon or ammunition; one count of possession of cannabis; one count of possession of over 20 grams of cannabis; one count of possession or use of a weapon or firearm during a felony offense; and one count of evidence tampering were brought against Kodak Black in 2016.
  • Is Kodak black gay? No, he is not gay. He was accused by some people who said that he might be gay because he likes dressing in women’s clothes and acting like one sometimes. However, Kodak has denied the allegation and continues to live his life normally without any shame. What official website does Kodak Black have?
  • There is no official website for this young superstar yet although we expect him to create one soon when he becomes more famous than he currently is so as to connect with his fans closely anytime he wants.
  • Does Kodak black have a tattoo? Yes, he does have tattoos which are located on his face and hands including the words “Jamaican” and “Octave” written on both of his hands respectively.
  • What is Kodak Black real name? His full real name is Dieuson Octave.
  • What was Kodak Black first album called? He has recorded several singles but no albums so far as a solo artist, but he released his first mixtape in 2016 titled “Lil Big Pac”.
  • The other singles recorded by him include; “No Flockin”, “Skrt Skrt”, among others. When will Kodak Black next tour be announced?

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