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Kronii Wiki, Bio, Face, Age, Height, BF, Facts

It’s widely said that Krnoii, a famous VTuber, has revealed her true face on social media. Her age is believed to be between 25 and 30 years old. Kronii is a virtual YouTuber who primarily communicates in English. In 2021, she became the anime avatar video hosts began to grow in popularity, providing both viewers and streamers with unexpected benefits. She debuted as a member of the hololive-council’s second generation of hololive English members in 2021 as an anime avatar video host.’

The trend sees the streamers’ videos not as themselves but as fictitious anime avatars, which are covered with childish anime masks. When Kronii revealed her true appearance, fans were curious about her looks. Kronii Wiki, Bio, Face, Age, Height, BF, Facts.

Kronii Real Face Revealed

It’s been said that Ouro Krnoii has finally presented her genuine appearance recently. It was, however, revealed to be a lie. While fans were looking forward to seeing her real face following the rumors, it appears that Vtuber hasn’t shown her face yet. Perhaps she prefers anonymity since audiences appear to prefer animated characters over actual people.

We cannot say for sure what she looks like at the time of composition, although we have inferred her personality based on her appearance on YouTube. She is described as a self-assured and self-centered woman. Her voice has an “elder sister” sound to it, with a commanding tone.

She is also moody, always looking for her mistakes. She frequently says things like “that’s on me” and “that was my fault,” while playing. She is also boisterous, particularly in games where she is killed. On the other hand, she has a deep voice comparable to Mori Calliope’s but also has a broad vocal range; as requested of her, she previously performed a high-pitched voice.

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Kronii Age: How Old Is She In 2022?

Kronii is still a mystery. As of now, she has not revealed her age. She has never shown her true face to us so that we might guess her age. According on the video in which she stated her birth month and day, she was born on March 14th. She’s a Pisces sign by zodiac sign. According to reports, she is 5 feet 6 inches tall when it comes to physical characteristics.
Kronii Wiki & Real Name

Ouro Kronii is the English name for Krnoii. It is, however, uncertain if that is her real name. Her stage name, which has made it difficult for her fans to identify her if she is referred to by any other names, has helped the Vtuber gain a large following online. Despite her popularity, she remains absent from Wikipedia’s page.

Kronii made her debut on August 23, 2021, at 5 a.m. JST. She was the third member of the hololive council and debuted in the series. In addition to 115,000 YouTube subscribers before the Livestream began, she had a peak viewership of over 90,000 people during its broadcast. Kronii hinted at a song in the episode and performed Butterfly, which is also known as Digimon Adventures’ Japanese opening theme.

Meet Kronii On Instagram

Kronii is on Instagram under the username ouro.kronii_ and has amassed 12.4 K followers to date. She is also well-known on Twitter, where she goes by the handle @ouro.kronii_.

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