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Who Is Lala Baptiste, Lil Tjay’s Girlfriend?

Lala Baptiste is the girlfriend of Lil Tjay, who is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He rose to prominence in 2018 with his song “Resume,” and signed to Columbia Records later that year. His stage name is derived from the first letter of his first name and first three letters of his middle name. Who Is Lala Baptiste, Lil Tjay’s Girlfriend?

Lala Baptiste, Lil Tjay

Lala Baptiste is Lil Tjay’s girlfriend. Lala is a model from Atlanta, Georgia, who became well-known on Instagram as @lalatheislandgal. She mostly posts images of her campaigns and clothing, but she has recently used YouTube and TikTok to reveal bits of her personal life.

Lil Tjay’s Relationship Explored

Tjay previously dated Rubi Rose, a fellow rapper. Rubi and Lala were close friends when they were younger, and Lala may have helped her get a date with him. But, following an argument on his 19th birthday, Tjay began spending more time with Lala rather than Rubi. Once she saw them on Instagram, Rubi responded to the allegations of betrayal on Twitter.

Lala and Tjay appeared to be content for a year after Rubi’s departure. Fans noticed that Lala and Tjay were no longer following each other on social media in March 2021, suggesting they had broken up.

On Instagram Live, the model eventually addressed the situation, telling people to “stay in their lane.” While Lala didn’t say whether she and Tjay were still together, she claimed that any difficulties they were having weren’t her fault.

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Does Lil Tjay have any kids?

Following her split from Tjay, Lala has been linked to a number of other YouTubers. According to YouTuber Kiara Shanay, Lala grew irritated with Tj’s adultery after another influencer, Legendary Rella, revealed she was dating him at the same time that Lala began.

Rella revealed the connection by uploading a photo of her legs over Tjay’s chest to Instagram. She then stated that they have “the same father,” presumably referring to Tjay, in the caption.

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