Who Is Leolulu: Height, Weight and Net Worth


An amateur home-made content creator on PH, LeoLulu is known for their passionate videos and intriguing identity. They have a huge fan following on social media and concatenated their pseudonym names for their official account. Who Is Leolulu: Height, Weight and Net Worth.

LeoLulu Bio and Wiki

Rather than being one person, LeoLulu are two people. Her name is “Leo”, and her handsome boyfriend’s name is “Lulu”. They both have over 180K followers on their official Twitter account “@LeoLulu_XXX”, which is an Instagram celebrity and internet sensation. Currently, they live in Paris as a couple. Both of them have completed their minimum educational requirements.

Originally from Berlin, Germany, Leo moved to Paris, France with Lulu. Although both of them would like to keep details about her family private, they have not revealed any details about her family.

LeoLulu Career

After meeting in Germany, Leo and Lulu decided to stay in touch. In 2016, they chose to share unequivocal recordings on the significant site PH. Their next move was to Paris. As a result, both of them were preoccupied with their lives at the time, as one contemplated while the other worked. They chose to stop studying and working after their content became popular online.

In the course of time, their recordings gained numerous perspectives, and before the end of 2017, they reached the milestone of 50 million views. Currently, they have more than a million followers. Even though they have been recording for over five years, they loathe appearing on the recordings.

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LeoLulu Age, Height and Weight

Originally from Paris, France, Lulu was in his early 20s when he did an internship as a web developer in Berlin in 2013. Currently 24 years old (as of Mid-2021), Leo was born on April 13, 1997 in Berlin. The height of Leo is 5 feet 6 inches, while that of Lulu is 6 feet 1 inch, and their weights are 46 kgs and 62 kgs, respectively. Lulu has black hair, while Leo has blonde hair.

LeoLulu Net Worth

LeoLulu’s net worth is estimated at $650k. Video advertisements run on the couple’s videos earn them money. Their fans can also access exclusive content through their Onlyfans account. Subscribers can pay $12 a month or $108 a year to use the platform. Currently, the couple has shared over 1.6k pictures and 330+ videos on the platform, earning 109k likes.

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