Who Is Namhla Mtwa’s boyfriend Mfesane Bhekizulu?


Significatn Mfesane Bhekizulu, a business executive from the Eastern Cape, has outright refused to be involved in the murder of his girlfriend, Singwa Namhla Mtwa. On April 21, Singwa Namhla Mtwa, an OR Tambo municipal employee who worked at Sidwadwa near Mtatha in the Eastern Cape, was murdered when she arrived there in her car. She was shot twice in the upper chest and removed from life support later; she died.

After her family discovered upsetting texts allegedly sent by him, her boyfriend Bhekizulu was named a suspect in the case. He said that residents should trust the police and that he is innocent in his defense. He did not kill her.

“Nothing has gone wrong with me. I am innocent and would like the public to let the law take its course because the residents are now jeopardising the case by pursuing me, which may jeopardise the chances of catching the true perpetrator.” Who Is Namhla Mtwa’s boyfriend Mfesane Bhekizulu?

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Namhla Mtwa’s boyfriend Mfesane Bhekizulu

The interview with the suspect was conducted in German. The defendant denied talking about specifics, stating that he was too busy to talk. Bhekizulu was arrested in September 2018 on suspicion of murdering his wife.

There were photographs of an injured Mtwa circulated alongside the text messages alleged to have been sent by him. According to the screenshots, Mtwa pleaded with him to let her heal from the events he had caused. She claimed she couldn’t continue driving because of her health, but he warned her that he would kill her if she didn’t stop.

“Members of the family and the public are therefore assured that Namhla’s case is in the hands of capable and professionally trained detectives. With the support and response demonstrated by the community and various formations in every corner of our province and outside its borders, we are optimistic that a breakthrough in this particular case will be made,”

“Someone must answer for the vicious killing of this young woman. We must also find answers to the images that we have seen in the last 24 hours which show that before her death, she was exposed to all manner of barbaric acts,” Mabuyane stated. Our laws empower us to strengthen the fight against GBV&F and we must use it to expose and bring to book perpetrators of this heinous crime”.

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