Who Was Sophia Mason? What Was The Cause Of Her Death?


Sophia Mason, an 8-year-old Texas girl who went missing before being discovered dead in her house. In December, 8-year-old Sophia Mason went missing. Her body was discovered in a house in California. Her mother was detained by the authorities as the main suspect. The Merced Coroner’s Office confirmed that Sophia Mason had died after her remains were discovered at her mother’s partner’s home in California. Sophie’s family informed the cops that she has not been seen since December.

Samantha Johnson, 30, was detained on Thursday for child abuse and obstruction of justice in connection with an incident in 2021, according to police. Who Was Sophia Mason? What Was The Cause Of Her Death?

The girl moved around between Hayward and Southern California. According to authorities, Sophia was staying with her mother. The police obtained a search warrant for the Merced home.

Johnson’s statements to detectives were part of the Merced Police Department’s investigation. There were a lot of concerning details in Johnson’s account that suggested that the kid had gone through a lot of suffering before dying.

While she was still in the womb, Sophia was kept outside of her mother’s home in Merced; her mother informed authorities about it; and eventually, she revealed that Jackson had both physically and sexually abused her daughter. According to police reports, detectives discovered evidence of maltreatment.

Samantha Johnson sought a search warrant for Dante Jackson’s house, where the remains were discovered. Following that, Johnson was indicted for first-degree murder, and her 34-year-old boyfriend Jackson fled the scene, resulting in the issuance of a murder warrant for him.

Who Was Sophia Mason?

The District Attorney’s Office in Hayward, California, said that they didn’t “have any information to suggest that (Jackson) was involved in the child abuse case.”

Samantha Johnson will be kept at the John Latorraca Correctional Facility. Her boyfriend, Thomas Clements, is also charged with murder and child abuse in the death of Sophia. On March 28, Johnson will be arraigned in Merced Superior Court.

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What Was The Cause Of Her Death?

On February 10th, 2012, she told authorities that she took Sophia out of the shed to shower. Sophia was in the bathroom with Jackson at the time. A loud bang came from the bathroom shortly after. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, refused to let her see the kid. As a result, she assumed Sophia had walked away from home on her own the next day.

“Johnson stated that she believed in her mind that (Sophia) had runaway (sic),”

“Jackson told Johnson that your daughter (Sophia) does not want to be with you and does not want to be your daughter anymore. Johnson stated that Jackson told her this so that is the reason why she stopped looking for (Sophia),”.

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