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Mikeneko Twitch Star: Wiki, Bio, Face, Age, Height, Facts

Fans are curious about VTuber Mikeneko, who begins following several tweets on Twitter. Mikeneko is a virtual YouTuber and a virtualVTuber most known for being a VTuber. A cartoon-like figure appears after the editing of the person on the video camera who is an actual entertainment celebrity, appearing as an anime-like character.

She is a live streaming and occasional utaite on Niconico. From 2011 to 2017, she has been uploading her cover songs. She possesses an adorable yet fragile and somewhat wobbly loli voice. Since 2015, the VTuber has been quite active on TwitCasting and live streaming. Mikeneko Twitch Star: Wiki, Bio, Face, Age, Height, Facts.

Mikeneko Height & Weight

How tall is Mikeneko? She is 5 ft 3 inches tall and weighs around 60 Kg. She has an hourglass-shaped body figure. Her attractive body measures 36-26-35 inches.

Who Is Mikeneko?

As of now, the age of VTuber Mikeneko is unknown. The VTuber has not provided any information on any sites. As a result, her age is unknown. Fans have speculated that Uruha Rushia, better known as Mikeneko, may be a VTuber. A “Girlfriend Experience” type Hololive Vtuber like Rushia means she presents herself as the girlfriend of whomever is viewing her.

Furthermore, her followers are made up of individuals who seek for this sort of care, and you may witness Rushia’s videos or live streaming if you look at her channel. If any of her fans speak about another VTubers in her life, she becomes jealous. Her items were released in a similar format, including birthday presents, which featured her as a bride and included with a marriage ring.

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What Happened To Mikeneko’s Controversy?

The fourth controversy surrounding the VTuber Mikeneko concerns another figure in the narrative, MafuMafu, who is a male utaite. MafuMafu has been online for a long time. Fans had already guessed that MafuMafu was in a relationship with Mikeneko, who is Rushia, back in 2018.

Later, MafuMafu posted two photos where a woman’s arm appears to be wearing a bangle, which was previously seen in one of Mikeneko’s photos. The same style of cat collar was also unveiled further.

When all of this research was done, MafuMafu went to his profile and denied being in a relationship with anybody. He also claimed that the records were misinterpretations and coincidences.

Following the uproar over Mikeneko, many enraged fans took to Twitter to voice their displeasure. This has become one of the most discussed issues on Japanese Twitter for once. Fans have also been canceling their subscriptions to Rushia’s channel at an alarming rate.

Customers had also trashed her items, felt deceived, and were angry further more. People are now commenting that goodbye, welcome Mikeneko as a new YouTube channel will be launched by Mickeneko. Comments abound on how nice it would be if Rushia could just say goodbye to the hate and apologize for what she did while they were dating.

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