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Who Is Miriam Amirault? Meet The Archaeologist From The ‘Curse Of Oak Island’ On Instagram

Nova Scotia-based archaeologist Miriam Amirault hasn’t revealed her age yet. But, here’s everything you need to know about the mysterious blonde from Curse of Oak Island!

Miriam Amirault is an archaeologist who is a graduate of UNB Archeology. She was most recently seen making a cameo appearance on The Curse of Oak Island.

Although she does not have a huge role in the documentary reality television show, she did attract a few eyeballs post her appearance on the series.

The reality TV starlet is an explorer who appears to be a confident young girl with a striking personality. In 2017, she shared her first-ever archaeology dig in Cuba.

It looks like she gets to travel the world as an archaeologist.

How Old Is Miriam Amirault?

As stated earlier, Miriam Amirault’s age remains a mystery as she hasn’t shared the details relating to her birth date.

Nonetheless, judging by her youthful appearance, she could likely be in her late-20s.

Meanwhile, her birthday and zodiac sign also continues to be indeterminate.

Who Is Miriam Amirault?

Miriam Amirault isn’t present on Instagram, a popular social media app among most adults. However, she does have a Facebook. Her account is filled with gorgeous pictures.

Currently, Miriam Amirault’s biography isn’t listed on Wikipedia. However, our write-up may assist users in gathering information about their professional and individual life.

Miriam Amirault Personal Life

Although Miriam Amirault may have shared a couple of photos with male friends, she hasn’t openly acknowledged whether she is romantically involved with any of them. It is highly possible that she may not have a boyfriend at this stage.

Speaking about her birthplace, Miriam’s hometown is in Nova Scotia, Canada. She is from Digby.

Some Facts About Miriam Amirault

  • The prehistorian Miriam Amirault works at the University of New Brunswick.
  • The Curse of Oak Island has been airing on the History Channel since 2014 and is one of the loved reality TV shows among the viewers.

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