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Who Is The Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath Forged? Moe Dunford Is Taking Part In The Role Of Richter Within Netflix’s Upcoming Remake Of The Well-Known Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’ll premiere February 18th, and fans are waiting to see the film. Moe Dunford Wiki, Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Facts.

Who Is Moe Dunford’s Spouse?

Moe Dunford hasn’t spoken about his relationship status. He is tight-lipped about his love life. He doesn’t show any video that suggests he’s married or in a relationship. Nonetheless, some people believe Mr. Dunford may be dating the actress Jennie Jacques. In conclusion, she is widely known as his spouse despite the fact that it’s all on camera and never real.

Moe Dunford was the protagonist of the epic Viking sequence Vikings. Aethelwulf is played by Moe Dunford, while Judith is portrayed by Jennie. Judith, king of Northumbria, was a daughter of King Aelle.

He agreed to her marriage to Aethelwulf in order to strengthen the association between the 2 kingdoms against Viking attacks. Aelle plans to gain influence and authority over Wessex by his daughter’s marriage. Judith grows into the role of first as Aethelwulf’s wife, then queen, and most importantly as the mother of a king because the tale progresses.

As a result, people began to admire this reel life couple for their contributions to the sequence. In reality, there have been many variations to their marriage in the sequence, but they had a strong connection behind the camera.

Who Is The Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath Forged, Moe Dunford Married To?

In 2022, Moe Dunford, the sturdy of Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath, is presumably not married. In addition, he is a man who is over 34 years old and has stayed rather private about his love life for that long.


There’s no internet database with his love life dating all the way back to when he was in high school. Furthermore, no one has noticed him spending time with any lady who could be his associate or spouse.

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Moe Dunford Household

Moe Dunford is a typical guy. According to TVOM, he was able to rely on his family even while deciding to be an actor. He had mentioned in an interview that becoming an actor was not part of his career plans. He would mimic people and that was all he did. Nonetheless, when his good friend went on stage and performed as a junior extreme, he noticed something different about him.

He was inspired, and he wanted to be on the stage as well. As a result, he determined to give it a shot and enroll at Gaiety College of Performing for formal performing instruction and training.

Though he hasn’t revealed specifics about his mother or father, siblings, or other relatives, he is a family-oriented private individual. Moe Dunford’s spouse – Home Moe Dunford: The Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath Who Is It Forged?

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