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Nekkopii, a Twitch streamer whose recently streamed categories are Genshin Impact, Lost Ark, and Disney Twisted-Wonder. Nekkopii was concerned about her husband’s revelation of her age on social media. Her spouse made a joke of revealing her age.

A lady who loves to paint and play games is an artist-lover. She recently tweeted about a person’s condition while listening to Wonho with or without MV, which is popular at the moment. Her tweet was retweeted and replied to by numerous of her followers. Who is Nekkopii, and why is she so popular right now? Learn more about her here. Nekkopii Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Facts.

Nekkopii Age

A Twitch streamer named Nekkopii, who appears to be in her early twenties, may be a teenager. AsianGuyGenshin revealed her age on December 9, 2020, in a screenshot she posted. After his remark, KJS responded on Twitler. The Twitch streamer appeared concerned about being recognized as an 88-year-old lady. Isn’t it amusing? His response was funny and witty.

Though her exact age has not been revealed to the public, it is estimated that she falls in the 20-25 year range. She gives off a youthful appearance, and is considered attractive by many. It’s worth noting that Asians tend to age more slowly than people of other cultures, according to various sources.

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Nekkopii’s Real Name

The true name of the Japanese Twitter user known as Nekkopii has yet to be revealed. Her biography is still under wraps. It appears that Nekkopii, the Asian Twitcher, is a Japanese individual. Art-loving video editor enjoys watching anime and other anime-related genres of videos.

The YouTube channel owner @Nekkopii, who has 24.4k subscribers, is of Japanese descent but often posts about Thailand. Her nationality is still unknown. Every video has exceeded 10,000 views. She produces films about video games and posts them on her social media accounts.

Nekkopii On Instagram

Her Instagram account is nekkopii. Her husband AsianGuyStream uploaded a video on how he met his wife, Nekkopii, through an animated film. She does not post photographs of her spouse on her Instagram account, however. In video collaboration with her spouse, the Twitcher has received additional views. Husband Genshin has 300k followers; she has only 15 times as many.

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