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Is Actress Noemie Nakai Married In 2022?

Noemie Nakai is a Japanese-French actress and filmmaker who is currently dating film composer Kyo Acerbis Kitayama. Noemie Nakai is a Japanese-French actress and filmmaker who has directed critically acclaimed short films and acted in popular films. She is known for her role as Beatrix in the film Army of Thieves from 2021. Her film Topography of Solitude won the Busan Award at the Busan Film Festival.

Noemie Nakai Married In 2022

Noemie Nakai’s recent Instagram photos show her alongside film composer Kyo Acerbis Kitayama. However, they have not declared their relationship, but we believe they are dating.

She is not married yet. Kyo Acerbis Kitayama is a French-Japanese multimedia artist, composer, and singer-songwriter. His musical interests vary from traditional Japanese music to electronic composition and orchestral music.

Noemie Nakai Wiki Explored

Noemie Nakai is not on Wikipedia currently. However, we can see her mini-bio on the IMDb page. Noémie Nakai, a 31-year-old Japanese actress, has risen to prominence after joining the American heist comedy film Army of Thieves cast.

In this film, Director Matthias Schweighöfe cast her in the character of Beatrix alongside Stuart Martin, Ruby O Fee, Guz Khan, and Nathalie Emmanuel.

Climbing to the fame peak of Beatrix’s role, Noémie’s stardom will undoubtedly soar by appearing in her upcoming film “Tokyo Vice & Stormy Nights.” In 2013, she made her maiden foray into the entertainment industry by supporting a French visitor in the “Shûden Bye Bye” series. However, Nakai began working at Commercials Maquillage & Algerian Shampoo the same year. She also worked at Mister Donut, Asahi Superdry, Nikko Summer Special & Winter Special, and Mister Donut from 2014 to 2015.

Noemie Nakai Married In 2022 Age, Height & Weight

The height of 5 feet 5 inches Noémie Nakai, an actress, was born on December 2, 1990, to a French mother and a Japanese father in Tokyo, Japan.

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Noemie Nakai Facts

  • In Japan, she received On-Camera Training from the United Performers acting class of Japanese casting director Yoko Narahashi.
  • It was challenging for her in the early days of acting in the Japanese film industry, so she moved to France to pursue school performances.
  • She moved to the United States after a year of studying acting in London and enrolling in Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop before moving to the country and training at Margie Haber Studio.
  • Aside from acting, Nakai is skilled at Horse Riding, Jumping, Archery, Fencing, Kick Boxing, Shooting, and Tennis.

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