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Are Pam St Clement and Moira Stewart Partners: Wife, Children and Lesbian Rumors

Pam St Clement’s been on the London stage since she was a youngster, and her screen credits include Mrs. Eckersley on Emmerdale and Meg Potter on A Horseman Riding By.

She was named 2012’s Lifetime Achievement honoree at the British Soap Awards for her two-and-a-half-decade role as Pat Butcher in EastEnders. Other television appearances include Mrs. Eckersley on Emmerdale and Meg Potter on A Horseman Riding By.’ Are Pam St Clement and Moira Stewart Partners: Wife, Children and Lesbian Rumors.

Pam St Clement Wiki, Bio

After attending the Rolle Teacher Training College, she trained as an actor at Rose Bruford College.

She involved herself in animal rights and environmental issues. She also published a 2015 memoir titled The End of an Earring.

Are Pam St Clement and Moira Stewart Partners?

Pam St Clement and Moira Stwart are not believed to be partners. The two personalities have been the subject of numerous rumors of a romantic relationship. Because St Clement is known for keeping her love life very private, the reports of the two dating had reached new heights.

Moira debunked all of the speculations about her relationship with Clement, stating that she and the doctor were not partners. She stated that she had been married to men and was one of the early British presenters and broadcasters. Moira Stuart OBE is a pioneer British presenter and broadcaster who has appeared on numerous television shows over many years.

Who Is Pam St Clement Wife? Meet Her Husband As Well

As of yet, Pam St. Clement does not have a spouse. She was previously married to a guy named Andrew Gordon, who she divorced in the 1960s after being married for six years.

St Clement subsequently married James Cross, but her partner’s identity has remained private since then. Meanwhile, because to this event, Gordon has avoided the media spotlight ever since.

Pam St Clement Sexuality Revealed

Pam St Clement has been open about her bisexuality. She is a strong advocate for gay rights and worked with Stonewall to repeal Section 28 and lower the age of consent for gay men. Despite being open about her sexuality, the renowned actress has not specified who she is dating.

Pam St Clement Height & Weight

Moving on toward the body measurement of Pam St Clement, she stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m) tall. While she weighs around 62kg (137 lbs). The color of her hair is blonde and has a pair of black eyes.

Pam St Clement Personal Life

The daughter of Reginald Clements and Ann Tribe, she spent most of her childhood in foster care following the early death of her mother. Her marriage to Andrew Gordon ended in divorce in the mid 1970s.

Some Facts About Pam St Clement

  • Laila Morse portrayed St. Clement’s EastEnders character’s sister-in-law, Mo Harris.
  • Pam St Clement is the iconic actress known for portraying the role of Pat Butcher in the hit series, “EastEnders.”
  • She is one of the longest-serving actors of the series as she has been a part of it from 1986 to 2012.
  • St Clement is still a lovely face in the media due to her role in the series.
  • Thus, her personal life as well as her actions in public often makes headlines oftentimes.

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