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Meet Patty Lynn Ryan Upchurch: Upchurch’s mom

Patty Lynn Ryan Upchurch is the mother of Upchurch who is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and comedian and considered a ‘country rapper’.

Patty Lynn stolen money of her son

Ryan Upchurch and his mother, Patty Lynn were very close. The musician supported his family for over seven years due to their lovely relationship. His mother and he split in February 2023.

The singer said she was misleading and asked to never see her again. Ryan sensed his money was being stolen. His mother bought several $500,000–$1 million properties with it. Ryan mentioned that he bought his mum a house like his other family members. But, his mother secretly bought at least seven more houses with money she reportedly got from him.

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Patty Lynn confirmed her son lied about her

Patty said on social media that Ryan was defaming her because he was lying. She said, she only owned Bluemoon Entertainment 100% and other houses she has gifted by Ryan’s brothers.

Ryan Upchurch and his mother are in court for fraud, where Ryan wants $25 million. As of now, she resides in Ghost Ranch outside Nashville, Tennessee. Her son, Ryan bought a house in 2018 and moved in. The singer lived there with ex-wife Taylor Eileen Smith.

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Upchurch short bio

Ryan Edward Upchurch also known by his stage name Upchurch the Redneck who was born on May 24, 1991, in Nashville, Tennessee. He hails from Cheatham County, Tennessee. Upchurch is known for his versatile music style that incorporates genres such as country rap, hip hop, country, southern metal, country rock, and southern hip hop.

Being a rapper and singer-songwriter, he is also a comedian. Upchurch has been active in the entertainment industry since 2014 and is signed to Mud To Gold Entertainment label. He began posting videos on multiple platforms to get support. He sold merchandise and coined the phrase ‘raise hell and eat cornbread’.

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