What Is The Death Cause Of Rogerio Azcarraga: Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife


Rogerio Azcarranga was a famous Mexican Businessman and the founder of the medium Formula Group. His company specialized in finding and developing oil fields in Mexico. He also played an important role in politics, and was one of the main supporters of President Carlos Salinas de Gortari. In 1994, Azcarranga was killed by unknown assailants, and his death remains unsolved. Rogerio Azcarraga Wiki, Death, Bio, Age, Parents, Wife Career, Net Worth.

Rogerio Azcarraga Death

Roegrio Azcarraga, a well-known Mexican businessperson, died at the age of 94 years old. The primary cause of death is unknown, but he may have been suffering from an ailment or disease.

Rogerio Azcarraga Wiki, Bio, Age

On June 6, 1927, Mexican entrepreneur and host of the reality show “The Azcarraga Family” Rogerio Azcarraga y de la Torre was born. He was born in Mexico City to his parents.

During the Yucatán’s silver rush, he founded Discos Orfeon to assist spread of Mexican music and give a boost to the record industry in Spanish-speaking countries. He was very enthusiastic about culture and entertainment, and launched Discos Orfeon, which helped popularize Mexican music throughout Latin America.

Rogerio Azcarraga Parents

His father’s name is Rogerio Azcarraga Vidaurreta, and his mother’s identity is unknown.
Rogerio Azcarraga’s Wife, Children
He was married. However, he has maintained a private life and thus there is no current information about him.

Rogerio Azcarraga Ethnicity, Nationality

The ethnicity of Rogerio Azcarraga was unknown, since it was not mentioned anywhere. Rogerio was a Mexican by birth and thus possessed Mexican citizenship.

Rogerio Azcarraga Height, Weight

There is no mention of his height or weight in the document.

Rogerio Azcarraga Career

After beginning his career by establishing Radio Distrito Federal, the first of what is now Grupo Formula’s five stations, Rodrigo Azcarraga has taken it to new heights. In the middle of 2017, Rogerio received Mexico’s National Award for Communication from former President Enrique Peña Nieto, who praised the importance of liberty of speech in his remarks.

Rogerio Azcarraga Net Worth

Finally, we’ll talk about Rogerio Azcarraga’s net worth in the conclusion.

He has amassed a considerable net worth throughout his lifetime, which is valued at $ 1.5 million.

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Rogerio Azcarraga FAQs

Is Rogerio Azcarraga dead or alive?

As of now, no particular information is available about his death. So we can assume that he is still alive.

What was the main cause of death for Rogerio Azcarraga?

The main cause of death is not known but maybe he was suffering from some illness and disease.

When and where was Rogerio Azcarraga born?

Rogerio Azcarraga was born on 6 June 1927 in Mexico City.

What nationality does Rogerio Azcarraga belong to?

American Businessman Rogerio Azcarraga belongs to Mexican Nationality as he was born in Mexico City.

What was the ethnicity of Rogerio Azcarraga?

Rogerio Azcarraga‘s ethnicity was not known as it was not mentioned anywhere.

What was the net worth of Rogerio Azcarraga?

He has earned a profound amount of net worth his whole life which stands at the figure of $ 1.5 Million.

When did Rogerio Azcarraga die?

Famous Mexican Businessman Roegrio Azcarraga died at the age of 94 years. The main cause of death is not known but maybe he was suffering from some illness and disease.

What were the early days and career of Rogerio Azcarraga like?

Rogerio Azcarraga has begun his career by founding Radio Distrito Federal, the forerunner of what is now Grupo Formula, which has five stations with national and international reach.

In the middle of 2017, Rogerio won the National Award for Communication handed to him by the former president Enrique Peña Nieto who in his speech emphasized the importance of the freedom of expression.

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