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Samantha Giles Leaving Emmerdale: Age, Husband, Bio and more

Samantha Giles is best known for playing Bernice on and off since 1998, has been reflecting on her time in the show and the many dramatic storylines her character has been involved in. She won a TV Quick Award for her role on the popular soap opera Emmerdale.

She has been praised for her portrayal with critics often applauding her ability to bring a mix of comedy and emotional depth to the character. Over the years, she has been involved in various gripping storylines, including her tumultuous relationships, family secrets, and even a shocking kidnapping plot.

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Giles’ talent to her role have undoubtedly contributed to the popularity of Emmerdale and the beloved character of Bernice.

Why Samantha Giles Is Leaving The Show?

When asked about the recent period plotline for Bernice, Samantha admits that she enjoyed it. She has finally come out about leaving the soap opera to pursue other options. She said,

“It was really nice to have Bernice playing a storyline which was actually quite serious but obviously, there are some funny moments. Giving a comedic character a serious storyline, I think, should be quite hard-hitting. At some points she was really upset, crying to Bob, feeling as though she was going mad, there was a serious side to it and I did get a lot of comments from people saying that they identified with it. That for me, I loved doing that story.

Who knows what she’s going to go off and do now? Who knows if she’ll be back in the future. Thank you to Emmerdale, I’m going to miss everybody but hopefully I will work with them all again at some point in the future. It’s not goodbye, it’s au revior…”

Samantha shared her hopes for the future, explaining

“I’d love just to be working on a variety of things really, theatre, TV, my books. I’m someone who needs to be challenged and I love being busy, so fingers crossed the universe will send me stuff and send me places where I need to be…”


How Old Is Samantha Giles?

Samantha Giles age is 52 years old, as of 2023. She was born on July 2, 1971 in Kent, England. She has a sister named Suzanne. She stands 5’6” or (1.72 m).

Samantha Giles Husband

As of 2023, Samantha Giles is married with Sean Pritchard. They tied knot in 2010. Couple have two children together.

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