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Sami Chokri Wiki: Who Is The Oh Why Singer?

Who is Sami Chokri, and what do we know about him? This article covers everything we know about the artist who accused Ed Sheeran of copyright infringement. Sami Chokri is an English vocalist who rose to fame for his copyright fight against Ed Sheeran. The songs Temperature, Oh Why, and Trouble are some of his greatest hits. Sami Chokri Wiki: Who Is The Oh Why Singer?

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Sami Chokri Wiki

Kim Burrell’s Wikipedia biography has yet to be updated. He is a grime artist who performs as Sami Switch. He was born on September 19, 1993 in London, England, and currently lives in the United Kingdom. He has already released two CDs: Solace and Trouble. Sébastien, who goes by the name Sami on Spotify, has over 160 thousand monthly listeners.

He also has a presence on social media such as Instagram ( @sami_switch ) and Facebook. People are most familiar with him for his lawsuit against singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran for allegedly ripping off his 2015 song, Oh Why. Chokri and his co-author Ross O’Donoghue claimed that the lyrics of Shape of You were identical to their song, Oh Why.

The song was co-written by Ed and John McDaid, with Steven McCutcheon serving as the producer. The trio of them asked the High Court to declare that they hadn’t infringed Sami’s copyright, which resulted in a 11-day trial in London last month. “I was disappointed,” says Sami.

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“When I heard Shape of You for the first time on the radio, I thought he’d want to listen to my stuff.” The Perfect singer denied meeting Chokri at a party in Nando’s and receiving the Oh Why song from his late friend Jamal Edwards. Similarly, he denied utilizing litigation as a strategy to force one party out of the lawsuit.

On April 6, 2022, Mr. Justice Antony Zacaroli declared that the song did not infringe on anyone’s copyright. Additionally, the judge discovered that Sheeran had never heard the song prior to writing it, ruling out a deliberate or subconscious steal.

The allegations that he was a musical magpie were successfully battled by the six Brit Awards and four Grammys winner. The legal issue had resulted in £2.2 million worth of royalties being halted for Shape of You.

Sheeran called such baseless claims “ridiculous” and even addressed why people make them in light of the ruling. According to him, it’s because a settlement would be less expensive than bringing it to court.

Sami Chokri Net Worth

Sami Chokri’s net worth is unknown, as no financial statements have been released. His music sales/streams are his main source of income, although he hasn’t revealed his financial records. Ed Sheera is worth $200 million.

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