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Who was Sara Gill, Keith Gill’s sister? Cause of Death explored

Keith Gill, an American financial analyst and investor who rose to popularity for his posts on the subreddit r/wallstreetbets. He experienced the loss of his sister in 2020, which came as a sudden and unexpected event. He continues to explore the world of finance alongside his surviving brother.

Sara Gill Wiki

Sara Gill’s birth name was Sara E. Gill. At the age of 43, on June 25, 2020, she died unexpectedly. Sara did her graduation from Cardinal Spellman High School and attended Massasoit College.

She was West Junior High School’s special education paraprofessional. She loved helping children with projects and science fairs and was computer-savvy. Sara was highly known in her community as a longtime Tedeschi’s Belmont St. cashier.

sara-gill-keith-gill-sister (1)

Sara was born to Steven and Elaine Gill and was raised in Brockton, Massachusetts. She was the loving mother of Tyreek, Isaiah, and Jayden; sister of Keith Gill (and Caroline), Kevin Gill, and the late Brenda Gill; aunt of Evelyn Rose. Her funeral took place on July 1st, in Waitt Funeral Home, 850 North Main St., Brockton and burial at Calvary Cemetery.

Who is Keith Gill?

Keith Gill, also known as DeepFuckingValue or Roaring Kitty is an American financial analyst. Born on June 8, 1986, he gained recognition for his involvement in the GameStop short squeeze. He is 37 years old, in 2024 and attended Stonehill College and is known for his expertise in the field of finance.

Keith Gill net worth

Keith Gill posted on the subreddit r/wallstreetbets a screenshot of a trade consisting of a roughly $53,000 long position in GameStop, in September 2019. By January 27, 2020 according to screenshots he posted on Reddit, Gill’s original investment was worth nearly $48 million.


The stock value fluctuated drastically, and he lost $15 million in one day. On January 29, The Wall Street Journal reported that his brokerage accounts held $33 million. In a Wall Street Journal interview, Gill stated he “wasn’t a rabble-rouser out to take on the establishment, just someone who believes investors can find value in unloved stocks.”

Gill tweeted a screenshot to r/wallstreetbets on February 19, 2021, demonstrating that he had increased his GameStop shares after a two-week hiatus. He bought 50,000 more GameStop shares on April 16, 2021, to increase his holding to 200,000.

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