Who Is Beth Shuey, Sean Payton’s ex-wife?


Beth Shuey is famous and getting well searched for being the wife of well known National Football League coach Sean Payton. There isn’t much known about Beth’s job or her family history. Who Is Beth Shuey, Sean Payton’s ex-wife?

Sean Payton’s ex-wife

Beth Shuey is the ex-wife of Sean Payton. Patrick Payton was a former American football coach and quarterback player. Sean Payton was also the head coach of the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League from 2006 to 2021. The pair married in 1992, after 22 years together. They called off their wedding in 2014 after being with one another for so long.

Beth Shuey Wiki, Bio, Age

Beth Shuey was born in Morocco, Indiana, around 1968. She was raised there and now resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. She graduated from high school at a local high school after her high school education. Indiana State University was where she obtained her Higher Education degree.

Her prior history is unknown. She was born on June 25, 1968, and is now 68 years old. Because her exact birth date isn’t given, her zodiac sign is unknown. She belongs to the Christian religion.

Beth Shuey Parents

Beth Shuey does not have a website or social media accounts, and she has refused to reveal her parents’ information.

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Beth Shuey Husband, Children

Beth Shuey was divorced. Patrick Sean Payton was her ex-husband. They have two children: Meghan Payton, a daughter, and Connor Payton, a son.
Beth Shuey Ethnicity, Nationality
Although her ethnicity is unknown, it isn’t mentioned anywhere. She’s an American citizen.

Beth Shuey Height, Weight

Beth Shuey’s height and weight is not mentioned on the Internet .

Beth Shuey Net Worth, Salary

Beth Shuey’s net worth, salary, and assets are not mentioned on the Internet.

Beth Shuey Job, Career

Because Beth Shuey has no social media accounts or a website of her own, her job or career is unknown. It is known that she was a stay-at-home mom while her husband Sean Payton was working. Beth might have worked before she got married or had children. She might have also gotten a job after her divorce.

Beth Shuey Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about Beth Shuey are:

-She likes to keep her private life out of the public eye and doesn’t share much about herself.

-She is a very private person.

-She is famous because of her husband and not because of anything she has done.

Beth Shuey Career

As a celebrity and a public figure, there is not as much information regarding Beth’s professional career. However, according to searches, she studied Business and Entrepreneurship. So maybe she’s a businesswoman; she was also formerly involved with the non-profit organization CASA.

Beth Shuey Net Worth

Beth Shuey’s net worth is unkown since there is little knowledge about her professional and corporate successes.

Beth Shuey FAQs

  • Is Beth Shuey married?
  • Beth Shuey is not currently married, however she was previously married to NFL coach Sean Payton.
  • How old is Beth Shuey?
  • Beth Shuey is 68 years old.
  • What is Beth Shuey’s ethnicity?
  • Beth Shuey’s ethnicity is unknown.
  • What is Beth Shuey’s net worth?
  • Beth Shuey’s net worth is unknown.

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