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Who Is Shaffy Bello Husband? Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Children

Nigerian film actress and singer Shaffy Bello has been married to her husband for quite some time now. The couple is also parents to two children. Continue reading to find out more about the Nigerian couple.

Shaffy Bello is a pretty famous actress in the Nigerian film community. Her popularity does not stop at the national level, as she is an international icon to movie fanatics. Bello was born and reared in the United States, where she went on to develop a stable career.

Talking about her personal life, even though she doesn’t talk much about it, it is to the public knowledge that she is married and is a mother to two children. The family lives a very comfortable life, and they are supportive of each other until 2020.

Who Is Shaffy Bello Husband?

Shaffy Bello shared a very loving relationship with her husband, Mr. Akinrimisi. Their marriage lasted for more than 25 years before they finally decided to split in 2020.

In multiple interviews, she expressed how much she loved her husband and how much she wanted their relationship to work out, but unfortunately, it did not work out, and she had to take the step of splitting with her dear husband.

Before they divorced, they were parents to two children and were actively involved in raising them.

Shaffy Bello Children

Before the unfortunate split with her husband, Shaffy gave birth to two dear children of hers. She is a very proud mother, and regardless of her relationship with her husband, she continues to be involved in her children’s lives.

There isn’t much information available when it comes to her prior family. Her current family includes her two children only because she is no longer together with her husband.

Shaffy grew up with her parents and siblings in the United States, where she completed her education.

Shaffy Bello Ethnicity

Even though Shaffy spent most of her childhood and adult life in the United States, she comes from Nigerian roots. Her parents lived in Nigeria before they moved to the United States.

Despite growing up in America, Shaffy is a very dear celebrity in her home country. She is also very thankful for her Nigerian roots and says she is proud of her Ethnicity.

Shaffy has already made a name for herself in the international market with her movies and songs.

Shaffy Bello Net Worth

Shaffy Bello is worth somewhere around $500,000, which is impressive but not shocking considering her fame throughout her career.

Some Facts About Shaffy Bello

The Nigerian actress and singer is a constant presence in hit movies, and her voice is constantly provided to hit musicals.

Most famous of her involvements include her part in Voiceless Scream (2018), Soft Work (2020), and Moth to a Flame (2016).

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