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Sherryn Dawson [Chris Dawson’s Daughter] Wiki, Age, Parents and Facts

Sherryn Dawson is the daughter of Chris Dawson who was convicted of murder, and Lynette, who would later become his first wife. Following the disappearance of his wife, Lynette, in 1982 and two separate coroner inquests, the New South Wales Coroner’s Office came to the conclusion that Lynette Dawson had passed away and that Chris Dawson, her husband, was the most likely person responsible for her death.

It was during her attempt to gather evidence against her father that she was hypnotized, and she has now disclosed the ‘deep’ recollections that surfaced during that process. When her mother Lynette vanished in 1982, she was just four years old at the time this occurred.

She detailed the manner in which her father would manipulate circumstances and twist the words of others to his own benefit, rather than being truthful and taking into consideration the requirements of other people. Additionally, in order to shield himself from responsibility, he would minimize his own errors and place the blame on other people.

Sherryn Dawson Age

As of 2024, Sherryn Dawson age is 44 years old.

Who Is Sherryn Dawson’s Dad?

Sherryn Dawson was born in Sydney. When he was born, he was the second of two identical twins; his older brother, Peter, was also a professional rugby league player, and his twin brother, Paul, was also a professional player.

She attended Sydney Boys High School, Dawson was a student there. His graduation year was 1966. At the time, Dawson and Lynette Simms were both sixteen years old when they first met at a high school function in the year 1965.

In 1970, they tied the knot at St. Jude’s Church in Randwick, and they went on to have two children together.

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