Sondra Theodore And Hugh Hefner Relationship Timeline


Since the beginning of this year, A&E has been airing a docuseries covering the world of Playboy. Secrets of Playboy follows Hefner’s scandalous history through archival footage and interviews with those who knew him and worked for his provocative brand.

Sondra Theodore was one of Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends, and she has been open about the show from beginning to end. After years of silence, the former Playmate is now sharing her story about how Mr. Playboy subjected her and others to abuse. With Sondra’s frequent appearances in the miniseries, her personal life, especially her love life, is hard to avoid. Is she married? If so, who is Sondra Theodore’s spouse? Let’s see who we can discover out. Sondra Theodore And Hugh Hefner Relationship Timeline.

Who is Sondra Theodore’s husband?

Sondra dated Hugh Hefner from 1976 to 1981, though she is now single. Sondra claims in the series that she was 19 years old when they started dating, and Hugh was 50 years old. In 1985, Sondra married Ray Manzella after their divorce.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Ray was a friend of Hugh’s and oversaw several Playboy actresses including Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy. According to the same source, Sondra and Ray’s wedding reception was held at the notorious Playboy Mansion, where Hugh generously gave them $25,000 on their wedding day. However, 11 years later, Sondra and Ray divorced, with Sondra hiring a divorce lawyer using money from Hugh.

Sondra and Ray have two children: Taylor, who is a son, and Katie, who is a daughter. Despite the fact that Sondra’s Instagram profile appears to be deleted, she frequently posted photographs of her family on social media and informed her followers about their wellbeing.

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Where is Ray Manzella now?

Ray has avoided the limelight lately. Ray grew up in the San Fernando Valley and began his financial career as a salesperson, according on Episode 40 of television host and radio personality Jillian Barberie’s podcast titled Ask Jillian.

Ray eventually made his way to the Playboy Mansion, where he remained for decades before moving on. … For no particular reason, I’m just kidding. Ray began working with a number of the most well-known ladies in the industry at the time, including former supermodel Kim Alexis, Three’s Company actress Suzanne Somers, and Wheel of Fortune royalty Vanna White.

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