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How old is Sunday LaBrant? Daughter of social stars Savannah and Cole LaBrant

Sunday LaBrant is the daughter of Savannah and Cole LaBrant. She was born into limelight as the daughter of social media icons Savannah and Cole LaBrant who is known for posting fun family videos such as family announcements and pranks featuring Savannah’s daughter Everleigh to the channel, which has earned over 13 million subscribers.

Her parents shared a video on The LaBrant Fam’s YouTube page of her delivery and its aftermath. The video “The Live Birth Of Our Daughter” soon reached 1 million views.

When is Sunday LaBrant born?

Sunday LaBrant was born at 2:45 AM on June 7, 2022 in USA weighing eight pounds and seven ounces. She is 01 years old.


Sunday LaBrant siblings

Sunday LaBrant has three older siblings named Posie, Zealand and Everleigh. Posie was born on December 28, 2018. Zealand was born on July 29, 2020 and Everleigh is a young fashionista on Instagram who was born on December 14, 2012 in California.

Everleigh is also known for being featured alongside her close friend Ava Foley on collaborative social accounts under the name ForEverAndForAva.

Sunday LaBrant’s father fame

Sunday LaBrant’s father, Cole signed a contract with Water Bluff Clothing, Co. in 2013. He competed alongside his mother on The Amazing Race 28, In 2016. He is extremely popular on TikTok and primarily posts short comedy skits and dance routines with Savannah and Everleigh on the platform.

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