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Is Tammy Bruce Gay? Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, BF & Facts

Tammy Bruce is an author, radio host, and political commentator who frequently appears on Fox News. She is currently an on-air contributor to Fox News and host of Get Tammy Bruce on Fox Nation.

Tammy Bruce Height, Weight & Stats

Tammy Bruce has a height of 5 feet 9 inches but her weight is not available until now. Similarly, Tammy Bruce’s other body measurements such as her chest size, waist size, hip size, and bicep size, are also not available and are still under review. Moreover, she has blonde hair and grey eyes.

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Who is Tammy Bruce?

Despite identifying as a independent conservative now she worked on several Democratic campaigns earlier on in her career including the 1992 Boxer and Feinstein Senate races.

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She was on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Transition Team after he won California’s governorship.

Is Tammy Bruce Gay?

She is openly gay which is rare for someone who works on Fox News.

Tammy Bruce Personal Life

In a 2006 interview with C-SPAN, Bruce stated she was bisexual, and that for her, identifying as lesbian was a choice.

She has stated on Fox News and on her website that she is a Christian.

At the age of 17, Bruce became lovers with 34 year old Brenda Benet, who was the former wife of Bill Bixby and an actress who starred in Walking Tall, Days of Our Lives and The Incredible Hulk.

Later, Bruce and Benet lived together for nearly a year before Bruce moved out.

On April 7, 1982, two years after they had first met and two weeks after Bruce moved out, Benet committed suicide at her home during a lunch date with Bruce.

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