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Who Is Tashthebad? Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Parents & Instagram

The Tiktoker known as Tasthebad’s height and age is something that’s been in the news recently. Learn more information about Tasthebad’s Tiktoks and personal information below.

The user has posted six TikTok videos that are viewed by millions over the Internet.

In addition, users are advised to help locate the real owner of the account as it is possible that he needs assistance.

The Tiktok videos reveal that the child is disturbed and is in an unruly environment. Additionally, we have visible stainings of blood on the floor that led to some suspicions.

Tashthebad Wiki, Bio, Age, Height

The true time of TikTok celebrity Tashthebad remains a mystery is being investigated by people who want to find out.

He appears to be an unidentified child who could be needing help when watching video clips.

Additionally, the height of Tashthebad isn’t yet known and is not known.

Tashthebad Tiktok’s Parents

The parent’s name of Tashthebad isn’t known.

However there was a person that was mentioned on one videos’ remarks as his mother.

Tashthebad’s Instagram

The child’s Instagram account isn’t public as of yet.

It appears that he has only an Tiktok account with account name @tashthebad. The account of his Tiktok account has been rapidly growing to more than 19k followers over one week.

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