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The Umbrella Academy Season 4: Why Five still looks like a teenager after the timeline reset?

In season 4 of The Umbrella Academy, there are a lot of mysteries that need to be solved. One of them revolves around Five’s physical appearance following the reset of the timeline in season 3.

After the timeline is reset, ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 4 must explain why Five looks like a teenager. For Five’s age to make sense Season 4 may skip ahead. In Season 4, the Hargreeves must work together to overthrow their father.

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Number Five’s appearance in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 4

Each person in the Umbrella Academy has their own special abilities which led to them having different upbringings and experiences. These various abilities have shaped their individual personalities and relationships with one another.

Five who has some pretty cool abilities – he can teleport and even time travel. But, when he was just 13 years old, something went wrong during one of his time travel adventures. He ended up getting stuck in a future world all by himself. Can you imagine?

He had to figure out how to survive on his own for many years until someone called The Handler came along and saved him. The Handler then offered him a job working for the Temps Commission.

Five is, physically, the youngest of the team, but in reality, he’s the oldest.

Five used time travel to return to his youth. Though the youngest, he is the oldest. After their father Reginald restored the chronology, Diego’s hand and Luther’s body were fixed, thus Five should have looked older. Why he looks like a teen is questioned.

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Five still appears like a teen in the season 3 finale and the first look at season 4, thus the final season must explain why the reset didn’t change him. One possible explanation for Five’s lack of physical aging could be that the reset only affected his appearance and not his actual age.

Perhaps the time-traveling abilities he possesses somehow prevent him from physically aging, allowing him to maintain his youthful appearance despite the passage of time. This could be essential in the final season as the characters explore time manipulation and its effects.

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How the show handles continuity and integrates it into the tale will be interesting. Even though season 4 picks up shortly after season 3, Gallagher seems noticeably older. Keeping Five young was always going to be difficult.

The Umbrella Academy fourth and final season

As per Netflix Tudum, the fourth and final season of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ is coming in 2025. All the three seasons are available to watch on Netflix.

In the ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Cazzie David cast as Jayme Hargreeves / Sparrow Number Six (season 3), a member of the Sparrow Academy with the ability to spit hallucinogenic venom.

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