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Who Plays Darius in Alexander: The Making of A God? Cast and Role

Mido Hamada is an actor who portrayed the character of “King Darius” in a show called “Alexander The Making Of God” on Netflix. In the show, King Darius was the ruler of the Persian empire, while Alexander was the ruler of the Macedonian empire. In history, Darius III was the final king of the Achaemenid Empire and a major opponent of Alexander the Great.

Who is Mido Hamada (Darius in Alexander)?

Mido Hamada, a talented actor, was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1971. However, he later moved to Germany with his family. In pursuit of his passion for acting, he decided to join the Oxford School of Drama in England. Mido Hamada lives in London. Starting off with small theater plays, Mido gradually made a name for himself and had the opportunity to showcase his talent at renowned venues like The West End and The Royal Court Theater in England. Some notable plays he was a part of include “Spinning Into Butter,” “Hamlet,” and “Guantanamo”.

Mido Hamada began his career in 2004, where he made his first appearance alongside Angelina Jolie in the film “Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow”. Following his successful debut, he was cast in the mini TV show “Path to 9/11” alongside Harvey Keitel and Donnie Wahlberg. Mido also appeared in popular shows like “Homeland” and “24”, as well as mini-series such as “The Dovekeepers” and the series “Emerald City”.

Alexander the Great Vs Darius III of Persia (Iran)

During Battle of Gaugamela, Alexander the Great fought against Darius III in a battle that was very important. Alexander noticed a weak spot in the Persian army’s defense on their left side. He quickly led his cavalry, known as the Companion cavalry, through this gap and almost had a direct confrontation with Darius himself. However, Darius ran away from the battlefield again, which greatly demoralized his army. As a result, Alexander’s troops were able to defeat and kill many Persian soldiers.

Alexander: The Making of A God Cast List

  • Alexander the Great played by Buck Braithwaite
  • Darius played by Mido Hamada
  • Stateira played by Agni Scott
  • Ptolemy played by Dino Kelly
  • Barsine played by Nada El Belkasmi
  • Mazaeus played by Alain Ali Washnevsky
  • Hephaestion Will played by Stevens
  • General Memnon played by Steven Hartley
  • Bessus played by Waleed Elgadi
  • Olympias played by Kosha Engler
  • King Philip played by Christopher Sciueref
  • Attalus played by James Oliver Wheatley
  • General Pamenion played by Jadran Malkovich
  • Pausanias played by Mohamed Attougui
  • Oracle played by Souad Faress

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