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TikTok Art of Zoo meaning explained in detail

The latest viral TikTok trend asks users to research ‘Art of the Zoo’, but why? Here’s what it means.

This year, a new type of meme has been taking over TikTok that asks you to Google or research something.

Some popular ones have been ‘why were chainsaws invented?’ and ‘what is the 25th island of Greece?’, and they usually go viral because they have a funny or disturbing answer.

The latest thing TikTok users are telling others to Google is ‘Art of the Zoo’, and you’re going to wish you never fell for this one.

TikTok Art of Zoo meaning & trend

As you’ve been scrolling down your TikTok ‘For You’ page recently, you’ve probably seen a lot of videos related to ‘Art of the Zoo’.

The viral trend asks you to research ‘Art of the Zoo’ on Google and then film your reaction on TikTok once you know what it means.

Everyone seems to have the same reaction and is in a state of shock, but why? Find out what ‘Art of the Zoo’ really means below.

Art of Zoo meaning explained

If you can’t find what ‘Art of the Zoo’ means, or you’re too scared to Google it after seeing everyone’s reactions, we’ve found out the answer for you.

TikTok users have discovered that if you search ‘Art of the Zoo’ on Google, you are greeted with some very disturbing images of humans having s*x with animals.

Yes, you heard that right. Bestiality. Now the TikTok reactions make a whole lot more sense.

TikTok Art of Zoo Fans Reaction

One person wrote: “Deletes history, turns phone off, throws phone, burns phone, throws phone in river. My poor eyes.”

“History: Deleted. Phone: Yeeted. Holy water: Needed,” wrote another.

A third person said: “Nooo I should’ve minded my business.”

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