Who Is Tose Page: Rege Jean Page Brother: Wiki, Bio & Everything To Know About


Tose Page is Rege Jean Page’s only brother, who will appear in the film Dungeons and Dragons. Let’s learn more about him. Tose Page has recently gained popularity due to his connection with actor Rege Jean Page. His only contact with the internet world has been through illegal means, so he’s never had any of his information disclosed. Who Is Tose Page: Rege Jean Page Brother: Wiki, Bio & Everything To Know About.

Rege Jean Page Brother: Tose Page

Tose Page is the older brother of British actor Rege Jean Page, who has recently achieved considerable success. His brother, a cast member in Netflix’s historical drama series Bridgerton, suddenly captured the attention of the media.

In addition, he used to sing and play the drums in a band that he formed with his brother when he was a youngster. The Page brothers recently established a musical duo known as TUNYA. They wrote music for the short film called “Don’t Wait,” directed by Lanre Malaolu as a pair.

Tose Pages Age Wikipedia

Tose Page has not yet been added to Wikipedia, although his brother Rege has. It is known that he is the eldest of his parents’ two sons, and that he is of Zimbabwean origin. We may discover that Tose comes from Zimbabwe by reading about his brothers on Wikipedia.

His birthplace is a mystery, as it’s difficult to determine if he was born in Zimbabwe or England. Because he has not made any official public appearances yet, there isn’t much information about him at the moment.

Tose Pages Net Worth

Tose Page’s net worth is difficult to determine since he has never been available on the internet in any form. He may be relatively new in the entertainment business and have not been able to gain as much money as his brother.

His brother might have paid him a significant sum of money as he is into music, since this is known through his sibling. He has a strong relationship with his brother, so they may be involved in major initiatives in the future.

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Tose Pages Parents & Wife

Tose Page has never spoken about his family or wife himself, but information about his parents may be found on his brother’s Wikipedia page. Tose was born to a Zimbabwean mother who worked as a nurse and an English father who was a preacher.

Despite the fact that his brother hasn’t spoken much about their family, Urbano has stated that they have four children together. It is also uncertain whether Tose is married or not because he may be focused on his career rather than a partner.

His parents were one of the early couples to interracially marry and raise their children throughout the world, as were they. He isn’t on any social media sites; however, his brother is on Instagram and Twitter.

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