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Tracey Sheldon Wiki, Bio, Height, Weight, Measurements, Career, Facts

Tracey Sheldon is a model, filmmaker, and actress. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Richard and Carole Sheldon. Her father, Richard, runs his own firm in the steel industry; her mother, Carole is a nurse; and her brother, Rich is a musician and actor who lives in Los Angeles.

They are a close-knit family with lots of love and laughter that was nurtured with much encouragement and belief in Tracey’s goal of becoming an actress.

Tracey Sheldon Wiki, Bio

Tracey was inspired by movies and movie stars from an early age, spending hours watching films that inspired her and took her to another world.

Tracey and her younger brother Rich were constantly dressed up as distinct figures as youngsters. She adored the great comedians: Abbot and Costello, Lucille Ball, Flip Wilson, Jerry Lewis, Benny Hill, and Carole Burnett.

Tracey Sheldon Career

Tracey began acting in the first grade, playing the title character in “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” She studied tap, baton, and gymnastics while participating in parades all over southwestern Pennsylvania as a majorette. She was also a cheerleader and performed in dance and chorus recitals.

Tracey received several honors throughout her high school and collegiate career, including the “Rotary Club Peace Essay Award” for her letter to the president on global peace. She graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Theatre and Education. Being in front of the class and teaching first grade triggered Tracey’s passion for performing on stage and on screen.

Tracey moved to Florida in order to compete in “The Miss Florida Citrus Beauty Pageant.” She has acted in local theater productions and written, produced, and starred in the sitcom “L.A. take-out” alongside her brother Rich, who served as the program’s director. The series aired on PBS television. With perseverance and drive, Tracey and Rich set their sights on California next with a goal of transforming Hollywood.

Tracey Sheldon Height, Weight & Measurements

Tracey Sheldon is very good-looking and has an amazing personality. The actress stands about 5 feet and 8 inches tall. While she weighs 55kg. Moreover, talking about the overall body measurement, the number ranges to 32 inches bust, 23 inches waist, and 33 inches hips. The color of her eyes is gray, and she has brown colored hair.

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Tracey Sheldon Net Worth

Tracey Tran trained as an actress under the direction of Arthur Mendoza at “The Actor’s Circle Theatre” through the guidance of actor, Benico Deltorro after moving to Hollywood. She has a passion for dance, voice, and improv.

She’s been likened to Goldie Hawn for her humor talents and energetic personality, as well as Grace Kelley for her cool elegance, and Juliette Lewis for the edgy independent film characters she portrays with a touch of Mae West for her writing and production skills. Her net worth is estimated to be $3 million, as of 2022.

Some Facts About Tracey Sheldon

  • Tracey has recently written, directed, and starred in a feature film called “Changing Hollywood,” which was produced alongside her brother Rich.
  • She also worked as an associate producer on “Out of the flying pan,” where she helped to cast, organize all aspects of the shoot, and assist the director, Jack Kimball.
  • Tracey has acted in film, television, music videos, and stage while living in Los Angeles.
  • Her most recent roles include a segment on “Talk Soup” on “E” TV, NBC’s “To Tell the Truth,” and Lee Madsen’s picture “The Red Zone,” which will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival with Freddy Rodriguez of HBO’s “Six Feet Under.”
  • She has also been involved in promoting event productions in Hollywood, working with the major event producer MACAFRICA, promoting live celebrity performances of “Dennis Quaid and the Sharks” and “Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra”.
  • “The Elite Look of the Year Party,” “Playmate of the Month Party,” “The Los Angeles Exotic Erotic New Year’s Eve Ball,” and L.A. nightlife spots such as The Lounge, Club A.D., and Barfly are among her other parties.
  • Her most recent event, “The Shangri-L.A.” was designed to promote togetherness with the theme of “One Human Family.”
  • There were six bands at the event, including a magician, henna tattoo artists, and a spiritual healer who also wore costumes based on your favorite character.
  • Tracey is currently bi-coastal between Florida and California, continuing to act, produce films, write songs, host parties and events, as well as model.

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