Who Are Traci Braxton Sisters? What We Know About Traci Braxton’s Family


Let us guys inform you that Traci Braxton died at the age of 50, and her fans are paying their respects to her. She was diagnosed with cancer, according to the reports. She was privately batting it and had a young son who survived her.

She was an outstanding personality as well as being from Alabama, where she has worked in roles such as singer, actor, and reality TV star. Who Are Traci Braxton Sisters? What We Know About Traci Braxton’s Family.

Who Are Traci Braxton Sisters?

Her family is the talk of the town, and many of her fans are attempting to learn more about it on the internet. As a result, you’ve come to the correct spot since you will be receiving all relevant information about her family from our site.

She battled cancer in her esophagus. She married Kevin Surratt, who later deleted all of his social media accounts and stated on one: “We were finally at the time where we just have to publicize that she has been privately going through a series of treatments for Esophageal cancer from a year. She is no longer between us.” She will be sorely missed.

She had brothers that were devastated by her untimely death. Her sister and mother were with her when she died, as Braxton was taking his final breath.

Kevin’s son uploaded Instagram photos of him giving his mother warm embraces, in which you can see that he is comforting her.

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Traci Braxton Death Cause

Traci Braxton also sends her a heartwarming note that reads, “When I heard about the diagnosis that my mother had cancer, she said to me that I would triumph over it and be well soon.

As a result, she battled right until the end, when she was at peace at last.” Toni Braxton also of that,” Traci is no longer between us, and she was falling snow, our angle, and she will always be.

As we plan to send her home with love, please respect our privacy. Our sister’s death is causing us great sadness.

She was a beautiful daughter, mother, wife grandmother ,and such an amazing woman who will be greatly missed. Her family is in mourning as this is not an easy circumstance for them to deal with.

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