What Does Copium Mean In Twitch Chat & What’s Its Origin?


Find out what the phrase “Copium” means in Twitch Chat, as well as more about the meme and its history. Twitch Chat is rife with the term “Copium.” You’ve certainly heard of the Copium meme on Reddit comments. However, the tale behind this meme’s origin is somewhat vague. So, put on your Gen Z hats and let’s explore why and how it originated.

What is the Origin of Copium?

In 2003, the Copium meme was first created. Even before Twitch debuted on June 6, 2011, this occurred. In 2003, Keak da Sneak released his album “Copium” in the United States. This is the first known use of the term. There’s some debate as to whether it truly has the meaning of “copium” that we know today.

The r/the_meltdown subreddit was the next known location of Copium. This community rose to prominence following Donald Trump’s victory during the 2016 presidential election. Most on the left-wing side were upset that this joke grew in popularity.

It resurfaced in 2020, when Donald Trump lost his bid for presidency. This time, though, the meme has spread into the conservative side of things. Who said memes can’t bring people together?

The term “copium,” as well as the Copium meme, have seen a gradual rise in use on platforms such as Twitch, Discord, and Reddit since their inception in 2016.

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Copium Meaning in Twitch Chat

Copium is formed from the words “cope” and “opium.” This term is used as a consolation or self-support statement after defeat.

Urban Dictionary user enterprise1701 explains the word in this manner:

This is everything there is to know about the term Copium and how it began as a meme. Now that you’re here, take a look at How To Fix Twitch Lag.


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