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Vicky Swayze: All About Life & Death Of Patrick Swayze’s Sister

Vicky Swayze was the sister of Patrick Swayze who was was known for playing distinctive lead roles, particularly romantic, tough, and comedic characters. She is a Swayze family member. She was older sister of Vickie. She died in 1994 after several years of struggling against depression. She died from taking too many pills. In her 40s, she died after a long battle with sadness.

Vicky Swayze Biography

Vicky Swayze was born to Patsy Swayze (née Karnes; 1927–2013), a dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor, and Jesse Wayne Swayze (1925–1982), an engineering draftsman.

She grew up with her three younger brothers, actor Don (born 1958), Patrick Swayze (born 1952) and Sean (born 1962), and a younger sister, Bambi, who was adopted (born 1966).


Swayze’s father’s grandfather was John Swasey, an Englishman from Bridport in Dorset who lived from 1619 to 1706.

Between 1620 and 1640, when the Puritans came to New England, Swasey went on the ship The Recovery and ended up in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He got married to Katherine Kinge from Essex and had seven kids with her. Samuel, their judge grandson, was one of the first people to use the Swayze name.


Why Vicky Swayze Suffering From Depression?

Vicky Swayze passed away on December 2, 1994. She died when she was 45, leaving her family in a lot of pain. The death of Vickie has caused a lot of trouble in the Swayze family. Patrick died of cancer in 2009, which shocked his family.

After her sister died, Vickie Patrick said in public,

“Suicide is not something I am capable of.”

She went on to say that many people end their own lives because life can be unkind and stressful at times, and some people can’t handle that. It turned out that she committed suicide because she was depressed.

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