Who is Henrik Brixen?


Henrik Brixen is from Denmark. He is the second husband and former manager of Jane McDonald.

They were married for four years from 1998-2002. Jane’s first marriage was to a man called Paul from 1986-87. Henrik and Jane met whilst she was filming the BBC documentary The Cruise.

Jane McDonald has revealed that Henrik divorced from her as he feared he would prevent her from being successful.

When did Jane McDonald and Eddie Rothe meet?

Jane McDonald and Eddie first met way back in 1980 and briefly dated before eventually going their separate ways.
Jane – who was 18 at the time – said they first split because of Eddie’s then lifestyle

She said: “He was really rock and roll in those days, well he still is, but he’s calmed down a lot now.”

But in 2008, the two met up again by chance after he appeared on This Morning as Jane was in the same ITV studios filming Loose Women.

Jane said: “He said, ‘Look I’ve just been through a divorce, here’s my card if you want to talk to me’.
“I couldn’t wait.I ran home from Loose Women, I couldn’t wait to talk to him because a lot had happened.”

How did Eddie Rothe die?

Jane announced that Eddie had died after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

She said in a statement that he had been battling the disease over the past few months.


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