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Zachariah Reitano [Cleo Abram’s Husband] Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio and Trivia

Zachariah Reitano is best known as the husband of Cleo Abram who is a co-founder and CEO of Ro. Cleo and Zachariah got married in their backyard on 12th July 2021. On marriage day, Cleo share a post on marriage and captioned it as,

‘we got married in our backyard surrounded by 20 of our closest loved ones. instead of toasts, we held a quaker meeting where anyone could speak, and our friends and family brought us to tears. instead of a dress,

I wore a suit that made me feel like myself. instead of catering, we ordered the greatest hits from our favorite new york restaurants. it was magical, and perfect for us. we help each other be the most ourselves we can be, and the happiest.’

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Who is Zachariah Reitano?

Zachariah Reitano is an entrepreneur who started a business in the United States. He graduated from Westminster School and Columbia University in 2013 with a BA in Economics and Creative Writing.

His company, Ro, provides a service where adults with various non-life-threatening illnesses can receive treatment without having to leave their houses.

Ro hires professional doctors to review patient health records via only forums and suggest treatment. Ro discreetly distributes prescriptions to 10 pharmacies countrywide in 2 days without shipping fees.

Zach’s extensive experience and impressive track record in the industry have made him a sought-after expert in the field. His work with renowned companies like Booz & Company, General Assemb.ly, Shout Inc., and Prehype shows his ability to flourish in different environments.

Being recognized by Forbes magazine on their prestigious 30 under 30 Health list further confirms Zach’s status as a rising star in the health industry.

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Zachariah Reitano age

Zachariah Reitano age is 31 years old, as of 2024. His wife, Cleo Abram, on the other hand, is thirty years old, which is one year younger than her partner as of the present moment.

What is the net worth of Zachariah Reitano?

In 2013, Zachariah Reitano launched Shorut at 21. At 25, he launched Ro, his second company. He earned a bachelor’s degree aged 21 from Columbia University.

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Cleo and Zachariah make a lovely couple despite their year-old age gap. They married in their backyard in 2021 when Cleo was 28 and Reitano was 29.

Ro is a $7 billion Zachariah Reitano firm. Ro raised approximately $1 billion since its 2017 founding. Zachariah co-founded and runs a $7 billion tech health firm that has grown nearly four times in two years. Forbes estimates Ro’s 2020 revenue at $230 million.

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