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Alfonso Scalia [Tina Scalia’s Father] Wiki, Now, Family and Grand-daughters

Alfonso Scalia was best known as the dad of the author and hostess Tina Scalia Whitaker. She came from Huddersfield in west Yorkshire.

Introduction to Ingham family

The Ingham family originally from Ossett in Yorkshire, had a fascinating history. They were involved in the wine industry and owned the Ingham Marsala Wine company, as detailed on the Ossett website.


Family inherited extensive vineyards and a banking empire from their great grandfather, Ingham. Their story is documented in Raleigh Trevelyan’s book “Princes Under the Volcano: Two Hundred Years of a British Dynasty in Sicily,” published in 1972.

Alfonso Scalia biography

Alfonso Scalia is best known as the dad of Tina Scalia who was a General. Tina landed in Sicily with Giuseppe Garibaldi during the years leading up to the Risorgimento.

The couple chose Palermo over Marsala and built the Villa Malfitano, an Art Nouveau palace near Zisa Castle on the Via Dante, as their family home.

In the Belle Époque, the chateau hosted sumptuous parties for British and Italian monarchy and European elite. Wagner, Mussolini, the Kaiser, Edward VII, Empress Eugenie, and Queen Mary were known to Tina Whitaker.

alfonso-scalia-family (1)

She accidentally became embroiled in the Irish Crown Jewels affair. She wrote Sicily & England: Political and Social Reminiscences 1848-1870 in 1907.

Alfonso Scalia granddaughters

Alfonso Scalia has two granddaughters named, General Antonio Di Giorgio(1868-1932), a Minister of War who fought in the 1st and 2nd wars in Abyssinia. Thus the family was firmly established in the upper echelons of Italian Society.

Who were Whitakers?

Whitaker family is an English family notable for its involvement in the life of Sicily. The family’s connection to Sicily dates back to the early 19th century when Charles Whitaker, a successful merchant first established business ties with the island.

Over the years, the Whitaker family became deeply embedded in Sicilian society, engaging in various industries such as agriculture, banking, and politics.

Their influence and contributions have left a lasting impact on the local economy and culture, cementing their legacy as a prominent English family in Sicily.

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