Who Is Amanda Trenfield Husband: Here’s What We Know


Amanda Trenfield’s article about a passionate evening of soulmates meeting, complete with a surprise at the end, has gone viral. Amanda Trenfield is a writer. Under unusual circumstances, an accidental meeting had drastically changed her life in the most unforeseen ways. Many people have spoken up on Twitter about this issue and done so in a good manner. Who Is Amanda Trenfield Husband: Here’s What We Know.

Who Is Amanda Trenfield Husband?

The identity of Amanda Trenfield’s spouse is unknown in the media, although she revealed her relationship with him in an essay. It was a personal essay in which a woman described going on a trip with her husband to reconnect after some emotional distance, and meeting someone she felt really connected with.

She spends the evening with this new pal and then reflects on the affair. She described everything that had occurred between them, but her husband vanished during the event. She has expressed her thoughts in an essay, but her spouse’s reaction is not included.

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Amanda Trenfield’s Affair With Jason

Amanda Trenfield, a Sydney life coach, recently published an extract from her forthcoming biography in the Sydney Morning Herald under the headline “Less than a month after I met my soulmate, I dissolved my 14-year marriage.” She goes on to describe meeting Jason at a group supper while attending a conference with her husband and instantly falling in love with him.

When he offered her a drink of his wine, she took it and ate a bite of his “decadent and oozy chocolate pudding,” after which they went to the hotel bar. Trenfield wrote, “We clinked glasses and gazed into each other’s eyes – his dark and mysterious, my brown with big brown eyes – the electricity between us was powerful and raw.” I had to look away because it was so strong.

Despite the fact that her spouse did not reciprocate these sentiments, as the book’s title indicates, they remained unmarried. Despite many possibilities of a rural childhood that he was denied because of his father’s debts, Porter went on to live in the city for much of his life.

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