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Amazon Black Friday deals 2021: AirPods, streaming sticks, laptops and more

Check out some of the best deals available on Amazon right now. So many deals, so little time. To mark Black Friday 2021, Amazon was less clear on the deals we’d see than it had been in the past.

Initial Amazon Black Friday deals press release mentioned some categories of savings to be expected however, there were no specific deal calls outs like we’ve seen in the past. While it’s not the best news initially, it appears that Amazon has done a great job and delivered a variety of fantastic deals this year, with Black Friday pricing already live for many products. We’ve put together a list of our top picks below.

Amazon Black Friday deals 2021

AirPods Pro: $159

Save $90 vs. Apple Store

Leading up to Black Friday, Apple’s AirPods Pro have been ping-ponging between $70 and $200. However, right now, the new model — with the MagSafe case — is available for $159 at Amazon, an all-time low.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K: $29

Save $21

This is the most affordable deal on streaming devices that we’ve seen. It’s the Roku Streaming Stick 4K is available for sale at less then the Roku Express 4K Plus the top-rated general-purpose streaming device. They are almost identical which is why we suggest you purchase the one that costs less.

The Streaming Stick 4K offers support for Dolby Vision HDR however it’s Express 4K Plus does not. Another major distinction between the two is the Streaming Stick 4K’s slim rectangular designthat connects directly to an HDMI slot on front of your television. Both streamers feature the option of a voice remote as well as 4K HDR streaming, and the Roku’s superb design, which we prefer more over Fire TV or Google TV.

AirPods 2: $99

Save $30 vs. Apple Store

The AirPods 2nd generation from Apple are available for sale on Amazon. In the current sale, you can save $15 off the retail price on Amazon when you check out which brings your price down to just $99 for the headphones, as well as a charging case.

Echo Show 5 (2021): $45

Save $40 (lowest price ever)

It’s the latest version of the Echo Show 5 that was just launched a few months ago. It comes with upgraded cameras for video calls, but it still comes with a physical camera shutter that protects your privacy and many more. It is possible to add an Blink Camera for $5 more when you bundle them in addition.

Ring Video Doorbell and Echo Dot (3rd gen) Bundle: $42

Save $58

The bundle is currently on sale at the same price as the Ring doorbell by itself and you’re basically receiving an Echo Dot for free. The Ring doorbell is able to send messages of who’s going and coming directly to your mobile, as well, and when you have the Echo Dot you can even talk directly to people who are visiting.

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