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Who is Apple Watts and what did she say about Ari Fletcher?

This week, music influencer Ari Fletcher found herself in hot water after making a remark on Breakbeat Media’s Don’t Call Me White Girl podcast. In the interview, she spoke about her how her relationship with rapper Moneybagg Yo “isn’t toxic” and said: “Like, pull your gun out and show me like, ‘b*tch leave. I wish you would walk out the door.’”

Fans were enraged by the comment about weapons, so Ari took to Instagram Live to clarify things, but it only served to enrage fans even more. Apple Watts is one person who has reacted on Instagram Live, but who is she? What exactly did she say? Let’s have a look at the situation.

Who is Apple Watts

Apple Watts, better known as Jontelle Lafaye Watts, is a model, rapper, and social media influencer. She became famous after participating in VH1’s reality series Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, which follows the careers of aspiring musicians in the United States.

In Season 5, Janelle joined the show and has stayed with it since 2021. Apple has also starred in music videos for a slew of well-known performers, including as Future’s Wicked.

Ari Fletcher Responds To Backlash On Instagram

This week, YouTuber and podcast host Caspar Lee’s ex-girlfriend Aimee Sticken responded to the negative press she has been receiving for her Don’t Call Me White Girl talk.

On Instagram Live, she said: “To ya’ll in the comments like ‘Oh when I was in a relationship’, Nobody cares. Nobody cares, Nobody cares about what happened to you, what trauma you had. Nobody cares.”

“You trying to victims yourself… please stop. You in the comments trying to tell your stories, nobody cares. We do not care, we don’t care, we don’t care. We do not care at all,” she continued.

Apple Watts Claps Back At Ari

Apple Watts then took to Instagram to clap back at Ari Fletcher’s Instagram Live.

“Why you gotta be so stuck up? You’re like a tampon so stuck up. We get it, you’ve got money,” she said before calling her out for saying she “doesn’t care” about people’s domestic violence stories.

“You need to humble yourself. You talk too much on the internet. And then you want to downgrade b*tches that got beat up by domestic violence,” she added.

She then went on an Instagram Live, in which she stated, “You may troll my page all day long; it doesn’t matter to me. You can talk about me all day long; that does not faze me. I still do not condone domestic violence.” According to reports, both Ariana and Apple have temporarily deactivated their Instagram accounts at the moment of writing this.

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