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Who Is Aree Gearhart? Jack Osbourne Engaged To New Girlfriend

Aree Gearhart and Jack Osbourne are making waves across the various media with the announcement of their engagement. The couple shared the news of their engagement through their Instagram handle.Aree Gearhart was in a two-year relationship with English media personality Jack Osbourne before getting engaged recently.

Following the wedding, Aree will no longer be just Ozzy’s spouse but also Ozzy’s daughter-in-law. Osbourne’s fans are dying to know more about the couple about to marry. The followers want to know more about the specifics, such as the wedding date and other information, but they must wait because the pair just announced their engagement.

Who Is Aree Gearhart?

Jack Osbourne is getting married. He’s engaged to Aree Gearhart, the soon-to-be better half of Ozzy Osbourne, the rockstar who went by Ozzy Osbourne. On her Instagram, Aree describes herself as an interior designer. Aree has been in a relationship with Jack for two years. They were open about their relationship and shared their pictures on Instagram even before engagement.

Aree’s Instagram account is also linked to her dog, whose name is Stormy. Her pomsky is a mix of Australian shepherd and pomeranian. She adores her dog, claiming she is the dog mother and posting pictures of it on Instagram.

Jack Osbourne Engaged To New Girlfriend, Aree Gearhart

Jack Osbourne took Instagram to share one of the happiest moments of his life, asking the woman he loves to marry him, and she said yes, the woman his long-time girlfriend, Aree Gearhart.

Jack is extremely happy with the place he is in right now. On Instagram, he said Aree is the kindest person he has ever seen and cannot wait to begin walking into the future together.

Jack has three kids from a previous marriage, but he expressed that he is impressed by the skill of Aree as a stepmother and believes that his kids have got a great stepmother.

Aree Gearhart Age: How Old Is She?

Aree Gearhart’s age is around 30 years. The accurate information regarding her age is not publicly available, but, indeed, she is probably in her late 20s or her early 30s.

She has found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She said my soulmate, my adventure partner, my protector about Jack. She expressed that she is ready to start a new journey with Jack.

She is very close to Jack’s children from the previous relationship, so it can be expected that she will be a great stepmother to the kids and will enjoy joining the new family officially.

Aree Gearhart Net Worth 2022 -How Rich Is She?

Aree Gearhart’s estimated net worth is $15 million. This estimated net worth is a combined estimation of hers with Jack, her fiance. The majority of the worth comes from Jack’s assets.

She is the fiance of a successful Television personality and son of a legendary rockstar, so it can be heralded that her fortune will surge up in the future.

Aree is joining Osbourne’s family, so she will certainly be living a comfortable life with her husband and children soon with all the assets that Osbournes owns.

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