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Meet Butch Hinton, Shannon Melendi Killer’s Marital Status

Shannon Melendi, 19, went missing after scoring a softball game in Atlanta in March 1994. After 12 years, someone acknowledged kidnapping, raping, and murdering the Miami native, which shocked the nation. Colvin “Butch” Hinton, a Delta Airlines employee and softball club umpire, was charged with her murder ten years later according to WKYC.

There is no evidence that María del Rosario Melendi’s body was ever found, but Hinton was convicted of her murder. This made him the first person in the state to be convicted of murder without a crime scene or corpse. After his final appeal was denied, Hinton confessed to killing Melendi. Meet Butch Hinton, Shannon Melendi Killer’s Marital Status.

Butch Hinton, Shannon Melendi Killer’s Marital Status

There is no information regarding Butch Hinton’s wife and children on the internet. Gail, on the other hand, was believed to have married her lover. According to several sources, Colvin “Butch” Hinton III is now 61 years old and is mostly known for being a suspected murderer charged with murdering Shannon Melendi. According to WKYC, Hinton was an umpire at the softball game in which Melendi was keeping score at the time, but it took police almost ten years before they could charge him with murder.

After receiving an unidentified phone call from a phone booth, the cops were able to link Hinton to the incident and found Melendi’s rings wrapped in tape within a bag.

Is Butch Still Married To Gail Hinton?

It’s unclear whether Butch Hinton and his wife Gail Hinton are still married. According to forensic evidence, after murdering Melendi Butch, he took his wife to an Olive Garden for dinner. He also gave his wife a ring stolen from Melendi as a gift, it is said. When the police discovered Melendi’s ring in the midst of all this, they had no choice but to arrest him.


The duct tape had traces of cobalt on it, allowing an aeronautical expert to establish that it was from an aircraft manufacturer or a service facility. Delta Airlines in Atlanta employed Butch Hinton at the time. There is no information about Butch Hinton’s wife or children, although he was believed to have married Gail Hinton.

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Gail Hinton Current Whereabouts

According to official records, Hinton is incarcerated at the Hays State Prison in Chattooga County, Georgia, where he has been sentenced to life imprisonment. In 2005, Hinton was eligible for parole, and his request was denied in 2012 according on certain papers.

He was ineligible for parole in 2020 and will next be eligible for release in February 2025. “Thank you, God and the parole board. Thank you to everyone that has supported us throughout this never-ending struggle. ” According to WKYC, his parents, Yvonne and Luis Melendi, reportedly stated at the time.

Monique Melendi, who was hurt in the attack and spent months recovering at a hospital, said she and her sister were “overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from society for assisting us in continuing to fight for justice for Shannon.” Hinton’s appeals were all denied after his 2005 conviction, and he eventually confessed to raping the woman twice.

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