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Who Is The Wife Of Carlos Arandiba: Age & Net Worth

Zebrinha is the most recent addition to the show Dança dos Famosos, which aired on Domingão com Huck, Rede Globo. The dance competition premiered in early April 2022. He serves as a technical jury member alongside Ana Botafogo and Carlinhos de Jesus, two other choreographers. Participants are given a score of ten based on their performance in the program. Who Is The Wife Of Carlos Arandiba: Age & Net Worth.

Zebrinha Coreografo Wiki

Carlos Arandiba, better known as Zebrinha, is a Brazilian dancer and choreographer. He has extensive knowledge of traditional and modern dance, having worked in both North American and European companies. In Brazil, he has fully integrated his understanding of Afro-Brazilian dance and customs from Africa. For more than four decades, he has dedicated his career to dance. He has also served as the creative director of Bahia’s traditional dance group, Bando de Teatro Olodum, and Balé Folclórico da Bahia.

He’s helped create a number of talented individuals and goods. Balé Folclórico da Bahia, which has been led by him and Walson Botelho, has shined in enterprises around the world. “Zebra is a crucial guy for Brazilian dance, Afro dance, and modern dance,” according to actress and singer Jessica Ellen. Ellen is an essential prospect for Dança dos Famosos.

Zebrinha Idade Age, Height & Weight

Zebrinah has not revealed his actual age to the public. Furthermore, based on his career experience, he appears to be in his early fifties. Since 1993, he has been devoted to dance and has achieved success at every level. Carlos seems to be around six feet tall. He is a person who takes good care of himself physically and mentally.

For his dance profession, he has retained his body flexibility. Arandiba most likely maintains a healthy diet and exercise to keep his body in tip-top shape.

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Is Carlos Arandiba Married?

No, Carlos Arandiba is not married. She is single and very focused on her career. She has been in a few relationships but nothing serious enough to lead to marriage. Carlos Arandiba is a very private person and does not share much about her personal life with the media.

Meet Zebrinha On Instagram

The Instagram account of Xorogan Zebra is zbrinha. The account has a following of twenty-two thousand people and five hundred postings. On the site, he shares his dance updates and meetup with his pals. The choreographer is present and publishes professional life events on the handle.

He was also seen with choreographers Deborah Colker and Gabriel Guimaraes on Instagram. The choreographer appears to get along well with his coworkers and pupils. Zebrinha, on the other hand, has not married yet. He does not appear to be involved with anyone at the moment. He is fully immersed in his dancing profession and life.

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