Could Your Guppy be Pregnant: Full Guide & Care


Could Your Guppy be Pregnant? Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are a fascinating fish breed. This freshwater tropical fish originates in South America. They are part of the livebearer fish genus and sometimes referred to as Endler Guppies for their propensity to interbreed with wild guppy populations, giving breeders exciting prospects for new color varieties. Guppies are … Read more

Glass Catfish: Complete Care, Appearance & Guide


Glass Catfish: Complete Care Guide: The glass catfish (Kryptopterus bicirrhis) is a small and peaceful tropical fish that belongs to the armored catfish family (Loricariidae). The most distinctive feature of this fish is its transparent skin, which is almost invisible when viewed from certain angles. These ‘invisible’ fish are extremely fascinating, but also require a … Read more