Who Is Chelsea Cutler Girlfriend Jeremy Zucker?


Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler’s fans started to wonder about their connection after the release of their most recent single. The “this is how you fall in love” music video, which was made with the help of the two singers, has over 1 million views since its debut.

Jeremy and Chelsea’s friendship is admired by many of their followers; the two have frequently spoken about it on social media and have worked together on a number of projects in recent years. Some of their fans are intrigued by their connection now that their latest song has been released. Who Is Chelsea Cutler Girlfriend Jeremy Zucker?

Who Is Chelsea Cutler’s Girlfriend Jeremy Zucker?

Jeremy Scott Zucker, a popular American singer-songwriter, was born on March 3, 1996, in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. He is an American who was born in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. His works include comethru, you were wonderful to me, and all the kids are depressed. He has lately been in the news for his song “this is how you fall in love.” with Chelsea.

Jeremy’s music is primarily derived from the Pop, Indie pop, Electronic, and Pop rock genres. His debut song, Beach Island, was released in 2015. He’s created a slew of EPs that are definitely worth checking out. Jeremy is the brains behind two full-length LPs entitled Love is not dying and Crusher. In general, he considers himself to be an introverted sociable person.


John is a 23-year-old independent artist from Melbourne, Australia. His music is categorized as a combination of organic light beats, opulent soundtrack-style soundscapes, and biting tumblr lyrics. He has made significant achievements in the field of music. In conclusion, his work are amazing and deserving of respect. According to the tale, he has at least one girlfriend in the past but is presently single.

Are Chelsea Cutler And Jeremy Zucker Still Together?

Despite the wishes of their followers, there is no evidence that these two are dating. Despite the fact that Jeremy and Chelsea have released several love songs, some of their fans remain unconvinced whether they are still together. Furthermore, because Jeremy and Chelsea have co-written and co-performed several love songs together, some of their fans have started to doubt whether or not they are still dating. It’s doubtful that the two are anything more than pals, based on what we see on social media.

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Chelsea Cutler And Jeremy Zucker Relationship

When Jeremy was at the University of Connecticut, he met Chelsea at a party. The two students, however, did not study there. Jeremy acknowledged that he had previously informed Uranium Waves about Chelsea’s music and that he was already aware of it.

On February 5th, 2021, the pair’s anticipated EP, “brent ii,” was released. They first collaborated on the song “you were kind to me” in 2019. This is how you fall in love, like Jeremy and Chelsea’s most recent song does.

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